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We are living in a time full of significant and exciting changes in all areas of the job market, and the World Economic Forum confirms so. Its "Future of Jobs 2023" report,reveals the trends that will shape employment in the coming years. In this article, we want to share with you the professions projected to experience astonishing growth and those that may decrease in demand. 

Get ready to explore the impact of these trends on education and professional development at Schiller International University.

Which are The 4 Most Promising Careers of the Future 

1. Software and application developers: The world is becoming increasingly digitalized, and the demand for experts in software and application development has skyrocketed. From mobile app development to artificial intelligence, companies are desperately seeking highly skilled professionals who can create innovative technological solutions. At Schiller International University, we recognize this trend and are committed to offering an up-to-date program of study in software and application development. Get ready to be part of the workforce of the future and bring to life innovative ideas that will transform the world.

2. Data analysts: Data is the new gold! The enormous amount of data nowadays has generated a growing need for data analysts. These experts are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large volumes of information to gain valuable insights that drive strategic business decisions. At Schiller International University, we have integrated a specialized program in data analysis, certificate in Data Science and the MBA with our online Certificate in Data Science.   into our management and business study areas. We are committed to providing you with the necessary skills to take advantage of this growing demand and become a professional that stands out in the world of data analysis.

3. Cybersecurity specialists: Protect the digital future! With the increase in cyber threats, cybersecurity specialists are more important than ever in safeguarding organizations' systems and confidential data. Significant growth is projected in this field as companies seek experts who can address security challenges in the digital world. At Schiller International University, we offer Tech & Data-focused programs where you can acquire the skills and knowledge needed to defend digital security and make a real difference in protecting organizations' digital assets. Check out our Bachelor in Computer Science!

4. Sustainability experts: More and more companies are developing business models adapted to sustainability. Sustainability professionals have become a key factor in any company, making it a career that is in high demand. At Schiller International University, we care about the future of our students and the world. That's why we want to support the increase of specialists through our Master's Degree in Sustainability . 

Undoubtedly, the World Economic Forum's report clearly highlights that the job market is experiencing significant changes due to technological advancements. 

The important thing is not only the program you choose, but how you decide to study it. 

The career you choose or the program you decide to study is obviously important, but so is where you study it. 

At Schiller International University we understand the importance of helping you become a well-prepared, competitive professional who is fully equipped to face the demands of today's job market. The aim is for you to become a Smart Global Professional. But how?

  • Through experiential learningSpending hours at your desk or reading endless manuals is not an option. The secret of learning lies in acquiring concepts and at the same time learning how to apply them. Working with companies and their real challenges, will help you fully understand what they’re currently facing.
  • Develop your professional skills in our partner companies: Learn side by side the professionals and gain all the skills you’ll need for the real working world.
  • Be international: Study around the world, open your mind to new knowledge, and learn from other cultures and other people. 

At Schiller International University, we are committed to preparing our students for the future of employment by offering updated and relevant programs of study that address in-demand roles. By adapting to the trends in the job market and providing an education that promotes relevant skills, our students will be prepared to seize emerging opportunities and overcome the challenges that the future of employment presents.

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