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Schiller International University 60th Anniversary

Shaping Global Leaders since 1964

Join us in commemorating six decades of excellence as Schiller International University marks its 60th anniversary! Since our founding, we've been dedicated to providing exceptional education and shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Explore our journey of growth, innovation, and global impact as we celebrate this milestone.


The Heidelberg Alumni Reunion is a celebration marking Schiller International University's 60th anniversary. Set in the historic city of Heidelberg, this event invites alumni to reconnect with old friends, make new memories, and enjoy the rich cultural heritage of the city. Attendees will revisit the roots of their educational journey and celebrate the shared legacy of Schillerites.

Participants will experience a series of events and activities designed to honor the university's history and achievements. The reunion offers a unique opportunity to engage with fellow alumni, faculty, and current students, reflecting on personal and professional growth while celebrating the dynamic spirit of the Schiller community.

Place: Heidelberg campus

Date: September 27-29 2024

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Schiller International University invited its alumni from all around the globe to join us in the vibrant heart of Madrid for a weekend like no other.

Commemorating six decades of excellence in education, our reunion weekend unfolded over three days packed with meaningful connections, insightful discussions, and unforgettable experiences.

Fellow alumni networked, participated in expert talks, paid tribute to our visionary founder, and celebrated 60 years of accomplishments in a vineyard gala dinner, where toasts were made to all the memories that bind Schillerites together!

Place: Madrid

Date: 14-16 June 2024

Take a look at everything that happened at this exclusive event and relive with us the past, present, and future of your alma mater.

The future of Schiller International University is always exciting. What better way to celebrate our achievements than with more events like this one? Stay tuned and join us next time!

In a special commemoration of our inaugural academic year in 1964, we welcomed back to one of our esteemed alumni, Daniel Friedberg, widely known as Freebo. Renowned for his exceptional talent in guitar, bass, and tuba, Freebo showed us his amazing range as an artist, dazzling us on-stage in Heidelberg alongside Alice Howe.

Having graced stages alongside legends like Bonnie Raitt, Ringo Starr, and Crosby, Stills & Nash, Freebo's concert delivered an unforgettable experience. This event not only celebrated our alumni's achievements but also highlighted Schiller's commitment to nurturing holistic talents in arts and beyond.

Through his music, we relived the the spirit of the past and embraced the vibrancy of the present, proud to celebrate the achievement's of one of our own in an evening filled with music, nostalgia, and the enduring bond of the Schiller community.

Place: Heidelberg Campus

Date: April 9 2024

Alumni Awards, Networking Sessions, Schiller Talks, Wineyard visit


Schiller International University’s 2024 Spring Ball tickets are now on sale! This year’s ball will take place at Palais Prinz Carl, centrally located in the Heidelberger Altstadt within the Kornmarkt. The venue has a history dating back to the 18th Century. It was once a grand hotel where many notable historical figures stayed, including Mark Twain, Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, and Kaiser Wilhelm I. The night starts with an introductory Aperitif followed by a full-course meal and a DJ for music and dance. The Hall of Mirrors, which remains in its original condition, is where the dinner will take place. Guests must dress in formal/black tie attire. Additionally, our student council photographer will be taking pictures for the duration of the event. Currently enrolled students of the Heidelberg campus as well as faculty have free entry, but a ticket must still be reserved to attend. Guests and administration must pay an entry fee of 50€, and tickets can be purchased here directly. If you prefer to pay in cash, please contact a member of the student council. We will designate a day to purchase tickets on campus in the student lounge. There are a total of 100 slots available for the event. Official Spring Ball invitations will be given to students who book tickets on this site and will be available on campus for pickup at a later date. We look forward to an unforgettable evening and await your presence at Palais Prinz Carl!

Place: Palais Prinz Carl

Date: April 20 2024

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Friedrich Schiller

Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller (1759–1805), commonly known as Schiller, was a German poet, playwright, and philosopher. He is best known for his impactful contributions to literature and the arts. Schiller's works often explored themes of freedom, justice, and the human spirit, leaving a lasting influence on German literature. The University, named in honor of him, exemplifies the highest standards of ethics and the ideal of the truly educated, multilingual citizen of the world, inspired by his work. 

Schiller's name symbolizes the university's commitment to fostering a rich, global educational experience that embraces cultural diversity and intellectual exploration.

Some of our Alumni's Successes

Find what heights our Alumni have reached as Smart Global Professionals!

Letter from our President Dr. Marta Muñiz

"Together, we will continue to shape a world where education transcends boundaries, and where our graduates are not just part of the global conversation but are leading it. Here's to celebrating our past achievements and to embracing the future with optimism and the unyielding Schiller spirit. Stay tuned for exciting events around our campuses".

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