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International marketing and business administration students working together on a project

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Gain global business acumen and leadership skills from experienced faculty, and propel your career to new heights in the international arena with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Schiller International University.


September | January


Madrid, Paris, Heidelberg, Tampa, Online


12 months


36 American Credits

Study Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Schiller International University's Master of Business Administration (MBA) covers all aspects of business operations. You can engage with diverse cultures and learn about ethical business practices, which will help you gain valuable international and multicultural experience. In addition to acquiring international experience, with our MBA degree, you will also learn innovative methodologies such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile, which are widely used in real everyday operations in business.

Your network is one of your biggest assets in today's interconnected world, and the Master of Business Administration at Schiller International University recognizes this fact. As a student, you will have access to multiple networking opportunities with alumni and partners, with whom you can foster connections for future partnerships, job opportunities, and mentorships. You will also have access to the training platform Elevatorfy for a Global Business Challenge, which is a great opportunity to put your skills to the test and learn from industry experts.

A study plan showing Curriculum: General Education, Knowledge Area and Elective Courses


Schiller International University offers a meticulously crafted syllabus to equip you with the right skills and knowledge to navigate the challenges of the global marketplace. In our Master of Business Administration degree, you will acquire solid fundamental knowledge in the main areas of international business. Our curriculum is updated to the current global reality and with a learning methodology designed to help you learn step by step.

To learn more about our MBA Courses based on the US higher education system, go to our "Academics" section on our FAQ page.

Our High-Performance Challenges* constitute a real global growing experience. With a 100% practical methodology, they are aimed at developing and consolidating your knowledge and career skills. By enrolling in our Master of Business Administration, you will work with the challenges of real companies, identify and develop solutions with students from all around the world, and go deeper into Lean and Agile methodologies to become a Smart Global Professional.

Subject Credits
Business Economics 3
Managerial Accounting 3
Managerial Finance 3
International Marketing 3
Multinational Business Management 3
Production and Operations Management 3
Comprehensive Business Management Seminar 3
Human Resources Management 3
International Business Law


International Marketing 3
Methods of Research and Analysis 3
Management Information Systems 3

*The curriculum is subject to change. Each campus and program may have different requirements and exceptions.

As an international university, we offer you the opportunity to switch to the MBA in Spanish from the Master's Degree in Business Administration and immerse yourself in an even more global experience.

To switch, you only need to complete the first four or eight months of your MBA in English and meet the necessary requirements* to make the change.

Finishing your MBA in Spanish will allow you to expand your international network, develop a global mindset, and improve your communication skills.

*MBA Degree Requirements (Spanish):

  • Prior validation by the academic team (language certificate and good academic performance) will be mandatory.
  • There must be a group in the desired language, in the same session, and on the same campus.
  • Changes can only be made at the end of each term and must be requested at least one month in advance.

*The curriculum is subject to change. Each campus and program may have additional requirements and exceptions. An Additional UK Final Thesis is required if applying for a dual degree.

Why Study Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Global Perspective and Holistic Expertise

At Schiller, you have an incredible opportunity to study in a diverse international setting with 130+ nationalities and 20,000 Alumni and gain holistic expertise in global finance, blending trade, business, and digital elements for a well-rounded experience.

Challenge-Based Learning

With our Master of Business Administration, you will learn through real challenges with international startups to develop the most sought-after skills and innovative strategies. You will collaborate with renowned international companies and gain insights into global business dynamics.

Global Employability Path

A chance to become a Smart Global Professional who is ready for the challenges of the global job market. Our Master of Business Administration course offers immersive and hands-on training activities that are highly employability oriented.

Build Solid Fundamentals

The MBA course at Schiller focuses on helping you master fundamental business and communication skills. These skills will help you navigate the complexities of international markets and apply them to real-world situations like a true expert.

Career Skills Booster

With our Master of Business Administration program, you can improve your soft skills, like teamwork, adaptability, leadership, and public presentations. You can also learn collaborative tools, such as the Customer Journey Map, Empathy Map, or Canvas Business Model.

Industry-Recognized Certifications

The Master of Business Administration program at Schiller comes with professional certifications from top industry players such as Google, Microsoft, SAS, AWS, and SAP. These certificates will enhance your credibility and skills.

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Our Numbers






Years of Experience


International Campuses



Tuition Fees

Cost of the Master of Business Administration (MBA)*

*Price per average school year – 10 courses/months – 30 credits. The standard price, not including additional possible scholarships

Price for European campuses

€ 19,560


Price for Tampa Campus

$ 21,600


Price for Schiller Online (Distance Learning)

$ 21,600


* Standard price not including additional possible scholarship.

Scholarships available!

Discover all the scholarships you can apply for and choose the one that fits your situation!

At Schiller International University, we provide you with a full detailed list of available scholarships: Initial eligibility, Documentation requirements, Amount of the award, Continued eligibility requirements, and Eligibility for re-applying upon loss of an award. If you need additional information or personalized attention, contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Cost of Living

Please check the table below to find the estimate we have calculated for various expenses you could face while living in one of the four cities our campuses are located in. The price is estimated on a monthly basis.

Housing € 750 € 950 € 770 $ 1,700
Food € 200 € 320 € 270 $ 400
Transportation € 20-50 € 40-84 € 35-82 $ 50-75
Telephone € 20 € 32 € 40 $ 45
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses € 200 € 300 € 220 $ 400

Books, Course Materials,

Supplies, & Equipment

€ 35 € 35 € 35 $ 37
TOTAL € 1,255 € 1,721 € 1,417 $ 2,657

Admission Process


Fill out the application Enrollment


Complete the interview

The interview with your Admissions Representative provides a great opportunity to ask questions, define your educational and professional goals, and discuss whether a Schiller degree will meet your needs.


Send all required admissions documents

This includes transcripts, passport documentation, proof of English proficiency, etc.


Once accepted, you will receive an acceptance package

In the case of students needing a VISA, you will receive a scanned copy of a conditional letter of acceptance, along with the invoice for your first semester’s tuition. Once it is paid, you will receive the official copy of your acceptance letter and acceptance package.



You are now part of Schiller’s learning community.

Credit Recognitions and Transfers

At Schiller International University, we understand that your academic journey is unique. If you've completed the American High School system, A-levels, AP (Advanced Placement), IB (International Baccalaureate), or the French Baccalaureate, you have the opportunity to accelerate your path to success.

Request a Credit Transfer Review and validate up to 36 credits of your General Education. Contact our admissions team for further information.

Global Employability Path

Try our Global Employability Path (GEP) to acquire knowledge, develop your soft skills, build connections, and succeed as a Smart Global Professional. The program is designed to provide graduates with one year and undergraduates with four years of skills training and experience. Upon completion, you will receive a Global Employability Certificate. We are confident that the GEP program will prepare you to thrive in a competitive and dynamic global environment.

Tools, Awards, Accreditations and Certifications

Take your global employability to the next level. Thanks to our agreements with outstanding global companies, you will be able to complement your Bachelor of Computer Science with professional practitioner certifications and make a real difference in your profile.


AWS: A professional practitioner certification partner of Schiller University


Access to AWS preparation course to get Cloud Practitioner Certification.

SAP: A professional practitioner certification partner of Schiller University


Access to SAP preparation and exams for SAP S/4HANA in Financial Accounting and SAP S/4HANA in Sales

SAS: A professional practitioner certification partner of Schiller University


Access to SAS facilities and 100% tuition fee discount for the first exam in multiple certifications. As SAS Certified Specialist Exam in Visual Business Analytic

Google: A professional practitioner certification partner of Schiller University


Access to Google Courses and Cloud Certification preparation with a 50% discount to obtain: Cloud Fundamentals, Cloud Digital Leader, and Cloud Career Readiness.

CFA Institute: A professional practitioner certification partner of Schiller University

CFA Institute

Specific training to get the CFA Certificate Level 1 and the CFA Certificate in ESG Investing.

Microsoft Learn: A professional practitioner certification partner of Schiller University

Microsoft Learn

Access to all the Microsoft documentation to prepare professional certifications.