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Schiller International University

From the beginning, our goal has been to turn education into a personal and professional transformation process, providing the highest academic standards and holistic global experiential learning. Providing an experience beyond just education.

The Power of a Global Mindset with the Approach of a New Generation

Some people like to think about possibilities.  We are here to develop thinkers into world savvy achievers.  

Since our founding in 1964, we have focused on the value of building a global mindset.  Through the powerful experience of learning by living, our students are transformed from observers to active global professionals.

Our Milestones

1964 Foundation of the University

Dr. Walter Leibrecht established the first campus in Kleiningersheim (Germany), allowing international students to practice American studies immersed in European culture.

We opened the Madrid and Paris international campuses, allowing students to learn navigating across the three locations, and explore different international cultures. This unique opportunity provided for an increased global experience for our first brave students and is still available today. 

Step by step, we continued perfecting our formula. We moved our international campus in Germany to Heidelberg, allowing our students to be in direct contact with one of the largest tech and research hubs in Europe.

We received US accreditation as a private University, validating our educational excellence both in the US and abroad.

We opened our International Campus in Tampa, Florida, increasing the global mindset of our students and providing additional experiences across further landscapes. 

We established an agreement with the University of Roehampton (London, UK), providing students with the possibility of adding a European degree.

In 2016, we became the first American university to receive German programmatic accreditation through Evalag, once again confirming that we never stop pursuing validation of our high quality standards.

Schiller is acquired by a group of private international investors with a global mindset that are committed to long-term quality and innovation in Higher Education.  

We incorporate new programs in potential market areas with focuses in digital, technology, and sustainability.  We partner with industry giants including IBM and the United Nations (UNITAR). 

The University begins a new era of Global transformative education to develop world smart citizens. Dare to transform.

Our USA accrediation status is further established as the University becomes Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

Our Purpose

We provide students with The Real Global Learning Experience.

A learning-by-living education that allows people to acquire the knowledge, skills, experience, and Global Mindset to become a Smart Global Professional.

Our Vision

Become the international reference university by providing a global, thoughtful, and personalized new way of education that provides students with the Global Mindset to face the complex, diverse and fast changing global society in which we live.

Our Values

Global Mindset

Embraces Diversity

Change Leader

Socially Responsible

Upright Behavior

Four International Campuses

We are a unique university that allows you to obtain Accredited* dual degrees (US and European) by living in up to four different countries.

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