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Bachelor of Science in International Business

Cultivate a global mindset & navigate the evolving world of international business through hands-on learning & develop the skills employers want.


January | May | September


Madrid, Paris, Heidelberg, Tampa, Online


40 months/ 4 years


120 American Credits, (equivalent to 240 ECTS)

Study Bachelor of Science in International Business

Launch your global business career with our Bachelor of Science in International Business. Develop a global mindset and foster the cultural intelligence and soft skills needed to navigate diverse business environments. Embrace the latest technologies and tackle real-world challenges through immersive, experiential learning projects alongside international partners. Our program equips you to make informed decisions with a global perspective.

Stand out with recognized credentials like Google and Microsoft certificates and a prestigious dual degree in American and European that expands your career options worldwide. Gain a competitive edge through our Global Employability Path, featuring personalized career guidance, industry-specific skills development, and access to our esteemed alumni network. Become a global citizen and leader prepared to make a positive impact on the ever-evolving business world.

A study plan showing Curriculum: General Education, Knowledge Area and Elective Courses

Schiller International University offers a meticulously crafted syllabus designed for our international business degree to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the challenges of global businesses.

In our Bachelor of Science in International Business, you will study General Education, specific knowledge from your area of study, and technical courses applied to your industry:

  • Critically analyze and apply FOUNDATIONAL principles and theories about International Business.
  • Evaluate and focus on PROBLEM SOLVING IN BUSINESS SETTINGS while integrating diversity, multicultural perspectives and ethical approaches to decision-making.
  • Research EMERGING ISSUES facing countries or businesses in an international environment, such as political instability, trade policies, climate change, human rights, etc.
  • Improve CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE by developing communication and soft skills such as teamwork, cross-cultural communication abilities, public speaking, and multilingual skills.
  • Study ETHICAL BUSINESS BEST PRACTICES such as corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and fair-trade practices.
  • Develop skills in the latest TECHNOLOGY tools and platforms that are necessary to compete in the international marketplace and adapt to rapidly changing technologies.
  • Acquire a GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE, think globally and understand business across borders. They will learn about the global business environment and the impact of business operations.

Subject Credits
Business Economics 3
Managerial Accounting 3
Managerial Finance 3
International Marketing 3
Marketing Management 3
Multinational Business Management 3
Production and Operations Management 3
International Corporate Finance 3
Comprehensive Business Management Seminar


Human Resources Management 3
International Business Law 3
Managerial Communications for International Business 3
Methods of Research and Analysis 3
Master's Thesis/Project 3
Management Information Systems 3

*The curriculum is subject to change. Each campus and program may have additional requirements and exceptions. An Additional UK Final Thesis is required if applying for a dual degree.

Why Study Bachelor of Science in International Business

Global Perspective

The Bachelor of Science in International Business program at Schiller is offered in a diverse international setting, with students from over 130 nationalities and a network of more than 20,000 alumni. This could provide a unique opportunity for you to understand different perspectives and build a global network that could serve you well in your future career.

Dual Degrees Dual Opportunities

At Schiller International University, we offer you the opportunity to take your career to the next level and achieve international success. By completing an additional program with your international business degree, you can earn another qualification! This can help you open up new and exciting possibilities. The only requirement is that you must finish your first degree before starting the second one. Contact our teams for more information; we will be happy to assist you. Don't miss out on this chance to broaden your horizons and expand your professional toolkit!

Challenge-Based Learning

At Schiller, we believe that the best way to learn is by doing. That's why, if you decide to enroll in our Bachelor of Science in International Business program, you'll get the chance to collaborate with renowned international companies from all over the world. Our international business degree will enable you to develop the essential soft skills required to work across different industries, as well as gain a valuable understanding of how businesses operate on a global level.

Global Employability Path

At Schiller, we prepare you to become a Smart Global Professional ready for the challenges of the global job market with our immersive and highly employability-oriented training activities. Our Bachelor of Science in International Business program focuses on developing essential skills, including communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving, as well as providing valuable insights into different cultures and business practices worldwide.

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Years of Experience


International Campuses



Tuition Fees

Cost of the Bachelor of Science in International Business*

Tuition fees for European campuses

€ 15,400

Additional fee for University of Roehampton degree (European campuses)

€ 3,000

Tuition fees for the Tampa Campus

$ 17,100

Additional fee for University of Roehampton degree (Tampa campus)

$ 3,420

Tuition fees for Schiller Online (Distance Learning)

$ 8,550

*Price per average school year – 10 courses/months – 30 credits. The standard price, not including additional possible scholarships.

SIU has partnered with Flywire, a global payment platform that helps you make international payments reliably, at favorable exchange rates, and without costly bank fees.

Scholarships available!

Discover all the scholarships you can apply for and choose the one that fits your situation!

At Schiller International University, we provide you with a full detailed list of available scholarships: Initial eligibility, Documentation requirements, Amount of the award, Continued eligibility requirements, and Eligibility for re-applying upon loss of an award. If you need additional information or personalized attention, contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Cost of Living

Please check the table below to find the estimate we have calculated for various expenses you could face while living in one of the four cities our campuses are located in. The price is estimated on a monthly basis.

Housing € 750 € 950 € 770 $1,700
Food € 200 € 320 € 270 $ 400
Transportation € 20-50 € 40-84 € 35-82 $ 50-75
Telephone € 20 € 32 € 40 $ 45
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses € 200 € 300 € 220 $ 400

Books, Course Materials,

Supplies, & Equipment

€ 35 € 35 € 35 $ 37
TOTAL € 1,255 € 1,721 € 1,417 $ 2,657

Admission Process


Fill out the application enrollment


Send all required admissions documents

This includes transcripts, passport documentation, proof of English proficiency, etc.


Complete the interview

The interview with your Admissions Representative provides a great opportunity to ask questions, define your educational and professional goals, and discuss whether a Schiller degree will meet your needs.


Once accepted, you will receive an acceptance package

In the case of students needing a VISA, you will receive a scanned copy of a conditional letter of acceptance, along with the invoice for your first semester’s tuition. Once it is paid, you will receive the official copy of your acceptance letter and acceptance package.



You are now part of Schiller’s learning community.

Credit Recognitions and Transfers

At Schiller International University, we understand that your academic journey is unique. If you’ve completed the American High School system, A-levels, AP (Advanced Placement), IB (International Baccalaureate), or the French Baccalaureate, you have the opportunity to accelerate your path to success.

Request a Credit Transfer Review and validate up to 36 credits of General Education.

Global Employability Path

Try our Global Employability Path (GEP) to acquire knowledge, develop your soft skills, build connections, and succeed as a Smart Global Professional. The program is designed to provide graduates with one year and undergraduates with four years of skills training and experience. Upon completion, you will receive a Global Employability Certificate. We are confident that the GEP program will prepare you to thrive in a competitive and dynamic global environment.

Tools, Awards, Accreditations and Certifications

Take your global employability to the next level. Thanks to our agreements with outstanding global companies, you will be able to complement your Bachelor of Computer Science with professional practitioner certifications and make a real difference in your profile


Google: A professional practitioner certification partner of Schiller University


Access to Google Courses and Cloud Certification preparation with a 50% discount to obtain: Cloud Fundamentals, Cloud Digital Leader, and Cloud Career Readiness.

Microsoft Learn: A professional practitioner certification partner of Schiller University

Microsoft Learn

Access to all the Microsoft documentation to prepare professional certifications.