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At Schiller International University, our purpose is to provide you, as a student, with the best possible education to further your knowledge and encourage your global employability

It’s very important to us that you experience and learn in the real world. That’s why we know that choosing an educational partnership is not just about providing you with courses or programs, but about encouraging the skills that will help you connect as a Smart Global Professional in the real world. So that you can touch the job market with your fingertips before you even leave college. 

That’s why we believe in experiential learning, largely based on these partnerships we’ve forged with some of the world's leading companies. With them, you’ll work hand in hand, through real scenarios and challenges that will take you directly to the real world of business.

Our global education partnerships will make you stand out

Our purpose in forging alliances with the leading institutions in the market is to provide you with a greater advantage. That’s why we have forged educational partnerships with companies that are leaders in their sectors, and we plan to continue expanding our list with many more in the future.

No matter which program you choose, from day one you’ll have direct access to professionals, international companies, and leading organizations and institutions, such as IBM, AWS, Google, LSE Ideas, SAS, SAP, La Nave, EY or Mutualidad Abogacía. Your relationship with these companies will help you understand how the market works and develop all the most important practical knowledge and skills to stand out as a professional. You’ll build your global employability path and, thus, achieve all your goals, maximizing your global career path. 

Together with our partners, you’ll be able to carry out internships, gain access to professional mentoring and visit companies from the industries you’re interested in. Moreover, you’ll also have access to interactive master classes, entrepreneurship workshops, specific training and professional certifications in the best technological tools on the market. Thanks to all of these, you’ll be able to add value to your CV and differentiate yourself. 

Well, there's more. Now, thanks to one of the latest new alliances, with SAP, you’ll have the opportunity to become an expert in one of the most on-demand software tools in all industries. 

Because our goal is to make you stand out from the rest. And to make you potentially desirable to any company, anywhere in the world. 

The value of partnership programs in global employability 

At Schiller International University, we know that hands-on experience is an added value to your knowledge. We know that the only effective way to undergo deep learning along your university career path is by experiencing real life situations and, at Schiller International University, we always try to go above and beyond. That’s why you’ll work and learn from day one with expert teachers from leading companies, to learn about their problems and face real challenges with them. We look for the best partners to nurture our programs with experiences that will enrich your learning experience while bringing you closer to the professional world. 

We want to provide you with the best education possible and our partnership programs are part of this process. Studying at Schiller International University, is a unique opportunity to work with the latest technologies and innovations from global experts and acquire some of the most in-demand skills in the job market. Benefit from a direct connection to the real world that will make you a professional, able to understand how global issues work, even before you finish your studies. 

Become a potential leader capable of managing any company around the globe.

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