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Finding employment in today's competitive job market can be challenging. That's why at Schiller International University, we care about connecting you with your career from day one

Yes, you read that right – from day one, we provide you with direct access to qualified professionals, international companies, recognized organizations, and leading institutions to equip you with all the necessary tools to maximize your professional profile.

Take Advantage of Career Services 

Accessing the university's career services is an important step that will open doors to a fulfilling and successful future. Imagine having a dedicated team of professional development experts at your disposal, providing personalized guidance, helping you perfect your resume, and getting you ready to shine in interviews. You'll also get access to exclusive internship opportunities and networking events and connect with renowned employers. These services offer you the chance to gain insider knowledge about the current job market, explore exciting career options, and forge valuable relationships in the industry of your choosing. With the support of the university's career services, you'll be one step ahead, ready to tackle any challenge and make major achievements on your path to professional success. 

How to Boost Your Professional Profile at Schiller International University 

We understand the importance of preparing for your future career, which is why we offer different options to help you build and strengthen your professional path. Take advantage of the following services:

  • Personalized Support: Our staff consists of highly qualified professionals ready to provide you with individual career mentoring sessions. Here, you can discuss your goals, aspirations, and any concerns you may have. These mentoring sessions will help you gain clarity about your career trajectory and develop a strategic plan to achieve all your career objectives.

  • Events and Networking: We recognize that networking is a fundamental aspect of professional development. That's why at Schiller International University, we are constantly organizing events on a variety of relevant and current topics to keep you up to date with industry trends, regardless of your field of study. These events connect students with industry professionals. Job fairs, networking receptions, and alumni panels are just a few examples of the opportunities provided by our department. Additionally, these events will allow you to expand your professional network, gain insights into different industries, and even secure job offers or internships.

  • Global Employability Path: This meticulously designed program aims to enhance your employability in the global job market. It is based on three key pillars: professional skills development, international experience, and strategic networking. Imagine just how much acquiring specialized skills, immersing yourself in international cultures, and establishing connections with prominent professionals from around the world will help you grow, both personally and professionally. This is your opportunity to make your professional profile truly global!

  • OPT (Optional Practical Training): This is an incredible opportunity to broaden your horizons and achieve exceptional professional growth. The OPT program focuses on gaining work experience in the United States and immersing yourself in enriching experiences related to your field of study. Imagine how exciting it would be to apply your knowledge to a real-world setting, establish valuable industry contacts, and develop practical skills that will set you apart as a highly competent professional. Whether before or after completing your studies, OPT will open doors to new opportunities and help you to make a difference in your career.

All our Career Services are designed to be valuable resources for students in all our programs (bachelor's or master's) that are preparing to enter the job market. With personalized guidance, resume and interview preparation, networking events, industry insights, and assistance with internships and employment, Schiller students have the necessary tools to succeed. Make the most of these resources at Schiller International University to confidently pursue your professional aspirations and embark on a path to professional success. 

Don't miss the opportunity to make the most of these resources and take your career to the next level!

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