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Are you ready to conquer the global business world? In an increasingly interconnected landscape, it is essential to master the complexities of the international business environment. What better way to prepare yourself than with a Bachelor's Degree in International Business? Let's discover what this degree truly entails and how you can unleash your potential and reach new heights in the global business arena. 

But first, what is a Bachelor's Degree in International Business about? 

This business program is an undergraduate program designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and perspectives to tackle the challenges of the global business world. This academic program focuses on areas such as international economics, global marketing, international finance, intercultural management, and business strategy. You will have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the economic, cultural, and political aspects that influence international business operations on a global scale. 

This Bachelor's Degree in International Business is for you if... 

  • You are a business enthusiast: You are passionate about the business world and have a genuine interest in understanding how businesses operate internationally...
  • You are curious about different cultures and markets: You are fascinated by learning about new cultures, traditions, and ways of doing business in different markets and want to understand how they influence business strategies worldwide...
  • You are interested in intercultural communication: You want to develop intercultural communication skills that allow you to interact and adapt to people from different cultural backgrounds...
  • You have an interest in international trade: You are intrigued by global trade and economic relations between different countries and want to gain a deep understanding of the economic and political aspects that influence international trade...
  • You aspire to have an international professional profile: If you dream of a career that takes you beyond national borders and allows you to work in multinational companies, where you can expand into new markets, or even start your own global business...

The experience of studying at Schiller International University

Studying a Bachelor's Degree in International Business at Schiller International University is a unique and enriching experience, without a doubt. These will be some of the distinctive features of your experience at Schiller International University

  • Solid fundamentals: We offer you the fundamental tools for business management and guide you in developing fundamental communication skills. You will have everything you need to lead the business world as an expert. 
  • Learn through real challenges: Theoretical knowledge is essential, but we know that the most important thing is to learn through practice. During this program you will face real challenges in international companies and startups. From the very first day you will experience the real professional world first-hand. 
  • Multicampus Experiences: Learning-by-living at our 4 international campuses is a plus for your professional profile. Being immersed in multiple international realities will boost your global mindset and motivate you to expand your network of contacts. 
  • Global employability orientedPostgraduate education should mean training that focuses on career skills and connecting with global career opportunities. We connect you with companies and help you to enhance your career path in them: immersive weeks, real challenges, and other activities that will not only bring you closer to companies but will also enhance your ability to acquire all the tools and career skills most in demand in today's market.   
  • Monthly methodology: A focused and flexible learning approach, where each month you only focus on a specific area of study, developing projects and activities related to that topic and, therefore, learning in a more focused and friendly way.  

Global Experience: Boosting your International Profile

If in addition to being a professional in international business, you want to live a 100% international experience, this version of the program will interest you. The Global Experience version of the Bachelor in International Business is the opportunity to study for 3 years in Madrid and 1 year in Tampa, in addition to obtaining several certificates that will boost your professional profile.

Global experience in two continents 

One of the most outstanding features of the Global Experience version of the Bachelor in International Business is its focus on providing an international learning experience. During the first three years of study, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant business and cultural environment of Madrid, a cosmopolitan city recognized as an important business center in Europe. There, you will develop a solid foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of international business.

After completing your time in Madrid, you will take a further step towards internationalization by moving to Tampa, in the United States, for the fourth year of your degree. This transition will give you an invaluable perspective on North American markets and business practices. By studying in Tampa, you will have the opportunity to interact with American professors and students, expand your network and develop a deeper understanding of business in a global context.

Certificates to boost your profile:

In addition to the transcontinental educational experience, this program gives you the opportunity to earn several certificates that will strengthen your professional profile and differentiate you in the competitive international job market. These certificates focus on specialized areas of business and allow you to acquire additional knowledge and practical skills in specific sectors. Some examples of certificates you could earn include:

  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Sustainable Business
  • Data Science & AI
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Are you ready for this exciting and relevant educational option in today's business world? Discover more about our Bachelor's Degree in International Business and embark on an enriching experience that combines a solid education, a global perspective, and practical opportunities. 

If you have a passion for business and a desire to work in an international environment, this program is the starting point for your journey to a global professional career!

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