Bachelor of Science in International Business

Expand your horizons with a global mindset. Master problem-solving in diverse business settings. Embrace ethics, cultural intelligence, and emerging global issues.


Sept | Jan


40 months | 4 years


120 American credits


Madrid, Paris, Heidelberg and Online



Exploring International Business Opportunities

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WHY study our Bachelor's Degree in International Business?

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    Global Mindset for Success

    Our Bachelor in International Business program takes you beyond the basics, equipping you with the critical skills needed to thrive in today's global business landscape. Explore foundational principles, solve real-world problems, and embrace diversity and ethical decision-making to become a well-rounded global business leader.

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    Navigating Emerging Challenges

    Gain a competitive edge by delving into emerging issues facing countries and businesses worldwide. From political instability to climate change, we empower you to analyze and address these challenges, ensuring you understand the global impact on business operations. Prepare to make ethical and socially responsible decisions that shape a better future.

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    Cultural Intelligence and Soft Skills

    Develop the essential skills that set you apart in the international business arena. Enhance your cultural intelligence, communication abilities, and teamwork skills. With a focus on cross-cultural understanding and multilingual proficiency, you'll confidently navigate diverse environments, collaborate effectively, and excel in public speaking.

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    Ethical Practices and Technological Agility

    Embrace the values of ethical business practices, including corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Acquire a versatile skill set in the latest technology tools and platforms, ensuring you're ready to thrive in the fast-paced, tech-driven global business landscape.

Discover our Bachelor in International Business Global Experience

Experience our Bachelor in International Business Global Experience version. Enjoy three years in Madrid and an additional year in Florida, with the opportunity to apply for OPT. Enhance your skills through our specialized certificate program.

Become a Smart Global Professional

Try our Global Learning Experience, acquire knowledge, develop your soft skills, and build the connections you need to become the professional you want to be.

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Lerato T. Shaylor

At Schiller, I was given the freedom to make decisions about my studies and career. I still feel the support and advice from my tutors – some of the most formative guidance I have ever received.


Griffin Hill

My time at Schiller has allowed me to live in different countries. Studying international topics in a practical learning environment is something you can't achieve at other universities.


Iñigo Gastón

My experience has been great. After working for a few years, I realized how up to date this learning system is. Also, the skills I acquired have helped me achieve professional growth.

natalia malvar schiller student

Natalia Malvar

My experience at SIU has been extraordinary and incredibly rewarding both at an academic and intellectual level, and at a personal growth level.


Steven Gatewood

I have truly enjoyed my experience at Schiller! As an online student, I always felt the sense of community. The staff and entire faculty are very helpful.

adina laura achim

Adina Laura Achim

SIU shaped my character and helped me discover my passion. I met a professor who recognized my potential and redirected me to focus on international affairs.

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