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The world has changed, is changing and will continue to do so more and more as the years go by. Today, most companies face new challenges linked to various issues such as climate change, environmental footprints, sustainable financing and the need to minimize their impact in order to start generating a positive effect on the planet, the economy and, of course, people. 

Two powerful players are leading a whole transition towards a new reality, to which we, as global care, have to adapt. These are new technologies and sustainability. The latter is becoming so important that ignoring it could have serious and irreparable consequences to the world we live in. 

But are you sure you know what we refer to when we mention sustainability? By sustainability, we mean the balance between the economy and the context in which it is located; it covers not only environmental problems but also social and economic stability, as well as people and ethical values. Sustainability is the capacity for a responsible organization that ensures present needs without compromising those of future generations.  

Why is it worth studying sustainability?

This revolution affects all types of sectors. Any business that uses energy, transportation or works with people must change the way it does things. That means 100% of businesses are affected, and only those companies and professionals who change the way they work will survive. 

The shareholders and financial institutions that support all kinds of businesses are putting pressure on companies demanding a clear strategy in order to face challenges and avoid risks. The way of doing business and professional profiles need to change. 

If you are in your twenties, your professional career will start now up until 2060 or so. Your entire career will take place during the radical and dramatic transition to a low-carbon economy. And we are here to prepare you for that future because sustainability is starting to be part of the core of business management and will continue to be. We are at a crossroad, between the new and the old.

Here, at Schiller International University, we are concerned with understanding these risks, with developing tools to help us address the challenges facing our planet in terms of sustainability and trying to turn them into opportunities for businesses and institutions. In fact, we have a program specifically for this purpose, the Master’s Degree in Sustainability.

What are you going to learn in the Master’s of Science in Sustainability?

The Sustainability program focuses on learning how to improve the world around you from an interdisciplinary perspective. You will learn everything from business, management, economics, international relations, to knowledge of sustainable development on a global scale. 

Master’s Degree in Business Sustainability offers you a global and crosscutting vision of the current business market – which is constantly demanding more responsible and sustainable management. 

The master’s degree in sustainability is for you if...

  • You are interested in working on proposals for sustainable business models
  • You want to contribute sustainability strategies for organizations to generate a positive impact on society 
  • You are interested in business development and future business models
  • You want to be a leader in the transition towards a socially and environmentally friendly business marketplace

Why is the Master in Sustainability a degree worth studying? 

  • Provide solutions to social and environmental problems: Sustainable business models offer a myriad of solutions that you can bring to transform the world and society in a meaningful way. Learn more respectful strategies, implement social policies and grow companies with as little impact as possible.
  • You will be able to rise to leadership positions: Sustainability has become a fundamental pillar of business development. From reducing carbon footprint to achieving net zero. Organizations in both the public and private sectors need great professionals to lead these changes. That leader could be you.
  • It is a rewarding job: Contributing towards issues that address social responsibility and public policy to ensure the future of the planet and society is undoubtedly very exciting. You help others and yourself.
  • Break into a large and growing employment sector: More and more companies are adopting sustainable business models. It is one of the careers of the future, as it is part of a constantly growing market with a wide diversity of sectors in which to work. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment growth in sustainability is expected to increase by +8% until 2030 and it is a versatile professional profile that is needed in all business sectors.

So, what do you think? Is sustainability the right degree for you?

What makes our Master's in Sustainability different from the rest?

As a student at Schiller International University, not only will you gain conceptual knowledge about sustainability, but you will also gain communication skills to interact in a diverse and multicultural setting, improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and be able to lead in today’s marketplace in a more ethical manner.  

This Master’s Degree in Sustainability is a pathway to becoming a smart global professional. A true change agent ready to create real solutions to global challenges considering the three ‘P‘s: people, profit and the planet. 

Your learning process in the Master’s of Science in Sustainability will be: 

  • Based on real challenges: We have the strong conviction that the best way to learn is through real companies and their real challenges. We have reputable partners who will accompany you on this journey.
  • Focused and flexible: The program has 15 courses to be taken over 15 months; meaning one course per month. And, if that weren’t enough, you can choose when and where to start depending on your interests and goals.
  • Global perspective: Study at any of our international campuses and have a unique study abroad experience.
  • Focused on your future: we take the objective of you becoming a great professional very seriously, and that’s why from day one you will have the opportunity to learn hands-on from companies and great teachers about issues that are currently happening.

Our mission is to prepare you for the future, personally and professionally. 

To do this, we will provide you with all the necessary tools to face these global and real challenges. Now, it’s your turn to lead the way toward a sustainable business world. 

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