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In the classroom

Advancing Responsible and Ethical AI Use in Higher Education: A Collaborative Approach

Madrid and Paris

As the use of artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly prevalent in higher education, the need to address ethical considerations and responsible implementation becomes paramount.

Schiller Paris Students Reflecting on the Circular Economy

Madrid and Paris

On 20 March 2023, in the framework of the IR 505 International Relations & Diplomacy Workshop course taught in Paris, Schiller students had the opportunity to visit the “Again and Again – Circular Economy” exhibition at The Caring Gallery, which combines art with fair and sustainable commitment.  

Schiller Students Committed to Fighting Plastic Pollution

Madrid and Paris

On 6 March 2023, Schiller students enrolled in the IR 505 International Relations & Diplomacy Workshop could discover the “Plastic Heart: Surface All the Way Through” exhibition at the Canadian Cultural Center of Paris.  

Engaging Schiller Students in Media Information & Literacy through Active Experiential Learning

Madrid and Paris

Interested in the Global Trade and Finance Master's degree? Keep reading to find out how studying at Schiller International University can help you shine as a professional in your future career. At Schiller, we’re constantly innovating to offer our students the highest quality of education possible with the aim of giving our students the best educational resources and transforming them into highly competitive professionals and leaders in a global market

Schiller’s Library Department, a tool to build critical thinking and fight misinformation

Madrid and Paris

Did you know that our Library Department is comprised of the SIU Digital Library with over five hundred thousand digital items (e-books, peer-reviewed journals, market journals, newspapers, magazines, audio-visual materials, and financial reports) and our 4 campus libraries? All of these are free for our students.