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On 20 March 2023, in the framework of the IR 505 International Relations & Diplomacy Workshop course taught in Paris, Schiller students had the opportunity to visit the “Again and Again – Circular Economy” exhibition at The Caring Gallery, which combines art with fair and sustainable commitment.  

This exhibition explores the world of the circular economy which was also the topic of the Harvard Business Publishing “The Happy Turtle: Womanpreneur and Talent in a Circular Economy” case studied in class. 

Located in the Marais, The Caring Gallery is a unique place that uses art as a “lever for mobilization and action for a more sustainable and just world”. This exhibition and the artists presented allowed the students to think about important current issues, such as the ecology and environment, social justice, solidarity, the fight against sexism, racism or social exclusion, and the defense of human rights.  

By visiting this exhibition, they educated themselves on these various questions, while practically advancing these causes and enjoying themselves. 

Below are excerpts of the testimonies shared by the students following their visit. 

  • "As an International Relations & Diplomacy student, visiting The Caring Gallery in France was an incredible opportunity to see the intersection between art and social/environmental activism. The gallery's mission of using art as a tool for mobilization and action towards a more sustainable and just world resonates deeply with my major." -  Melissa Abou Rached 
  • "The show brings together nine French and international artists who share a love for the cycle. They open our minds to new practices that are desperately needed by making the impact of our productions and excessive consumption visible, and by making waste and reuse the source of their creation." -  Tenzin Chourab 
  • "The gallery has a serenity that offers one-on-one connection with art, making it easier for viewers to personally experience the power of art in such a way that its impact can still be felt after leaving the gallery." -  Adesola Adeyinka 
  • "We had the chance to visit The Caring Gallery, a committed art gallery which designs ephemeral exhibitions on environmental and societal themes, in a very beautiful space. The visit was very interesting, and the creativity of the pieces unbelievable." -  Hajar El Yahiaoui Idrissi 
  • "The setup opens our minds to new activities that are vital by making waste and rubbish the source and basis of their creation. The most inspiring artwork for me was the one by William Amor. He transforms plastic pollution into his own unique artistic style by coming up with and developing his own procedures." -  Gloria Boatemaa Boateng 
  • "A special feature of the exhibition is that it donates 10% of the sales of works to the Ateliers Sans Frontières NGO which is a partner of the exhibition. My favorite piece was by Sim Marek who is a graffiti, tattoo, and plastic artist, as well as a painter." -  Fatima Mohamed 
  • "The Caring Gallery’s experience was very different and more personal because the visit leaves memories that stay with you. I believe that ingenuity and workmanship are no longer important in art. As an artist, you must be acutely aware of current events, as well as familiar with the crises and issues that need attention." -  Yasmin Kadri 

This outdoor learning activity was convened by Dr. Myriam Benraad, Global Academic Chair for International Relations & Diplomacy at Schiller International University. 

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