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The world is changing fast, and the meaning of innovation has never been as important as it is right now. We see at every moment with Artificial Intelligence or with renewable energy technologies. In the education world, here at Schiller International University we embrace change and understand that falling behind is simply not an option. One of our strongest commitments to our students is our mission to provide them with a global perspective in order to improve their international employability. We actively seek out partnerships with leading companies that foster creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

For Schiller International's third edition of the Global Innovation Challenge, we teamed up with Goya Europa, the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the U.S. Known for pushing boundaries and delivering quality, nutritious food products worldwide, Goya Europa joined us to witness our students' innovative projects in action.

The Global Innovation Challenge: More Than a Competition

The Global Innovation Challenge isn't just a competition—it's a movement. Established three years ago, this challenge invites companies to bring real-world challenges to our students, who create cross-campus, multidisciplinary teams to undergo a mentoring process and work out a solution. This project is presented to a panel of experts, giving our students the perfect scenario to learn important lessons that will later shape their professional careers. 

Past winners have wowed industry leaders from companies like LOEWE Perfumes and EY, setting the bar high for future participants. One standout success story is our inaugural winning team: Klarytza Losada, Fernando Acosta, Annie Llombart, Diana Arevalo, and Barbara Tabea. Their project on sustainability education for employees not only impressed industry leaders but also became a highlight in their international careers.

Goya truck with fruit on its side

The 2023 Challenge Theme:

Expanding Goya Europa in Europe

This year, our students tackled the exciting challenge of enabling Goya Europa to enter new European markets. Adrián Bussalleu Cavero, Key Account Manager at Goya Europa, kicked off the challenge, presenting students with the task of developing a comprehensive strategy for market expansion in Germany, France, and Italy.

Discovery Phase: Laying the Groundwork

In the first phase, students dived deep into market research,

exploring consumption habits, trends, competitors, and opportunities.

This crucial step ensured their strategies were grounded in real-world data and insights.

Ideation Phase: Unleashing Creativity

Next, students brainstormed innovative ideas to address the challenge. This phase was all about thinking outside the box and critically evaluating multiple solutions to select the best strategy.

Implementation Phase: Bringing Ideas to Life

In the final phase, students developed detailed implementation plans. They translated their ideas into actionable steps, considering resources, timelines, and potential challenges. The culmination of their hard work was presented to Goya Europa, showcasing their strategic thinking and innovative solutions.

The Winning Strategy: Taking on the Italian Market

The team that impressed the judges the most was focused on the Italian market. Cristina Espinosa, Tyleen McDonald, Andy Luabeya, and Rahimi Sangare devised a strategy that pushed for collaboration with universities and resonated with Goya Europa's values.

Alejandro de la Hoz, Director of International Business Development was one of the judges responsible for choosing the victors. We asked him to explain what made this team win. “We chose the winning project for both the strategy and the way it was executed. The proposal incorporated two things that were very important to us: the commercial aspect and the intention to give something back to the community through projects for the less fortunate, giving them the opportunity to benefit from this project.“

Luis Fernández López, Founder and CEO of Elevatorfy, praised "their presentation for its detailed, creative approach, well-planned budget, and alignment with Goya's brand values". 

Luis added 3 key aspects of the winning proposal:

  1. The creative ideas were of great interest to Goya's management.
  2. The proposed strategies aligned with Goya's current international expansion strategies.
  3. The overview of the financials was well-founded and contextualized the ideas and strategies in a real life setting.

Connecting with Your Future Career from Day One

At Schiller International University, education goes beyond the classroom. Our Real Global Learning Experience prepares you to be a Smart Global Professional from day one. You'll gain knowledge, skills, and a global mindset essential for success in today's interconnected world. Through direct access to international professionals and leading companies, you'll build a Global Employability Path to achieve your career goals.

Our hands-on learning methodology equips you with critical thinking, data-driven decision-making, and cultural agility—skills highly valued by employers worldwide. With accredited dual degrees and challenge-based learning opportunities, you'll develop top skills through practical experiences with real companies.

Whether you study at our vibrant campuses in Florida, Paris, Heidelberg, or Madrid, you'll join a multicultural student body tackling real-world challenges. Our flexible learning options cater to your needs, ensuring an international learning experience tailored to your career aspirations.

Broadening Impact: A Community of Innovation

The Global Innovation Challenge extends beyond participants. Schiller International University gains enhanced visibility and a reputation as a hub of creativity, giving this challenge fosters a sense of community among participants, mentors, and industry leaders, contributing to a culture of innovation.

So, next time you're in a supermarket and see a Goya Europa product, remember the innovation and effort behind it. A Schiller International University alumnus might have played a key role in bringing that product to market.



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