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Are you ready to take a step forward in your professional career and broaden your horizons in a global context? At Schiller International University, we understand the importance of building a strong professional network that opens doors for you around the world. Our university takes pride not only in offering you a quality education but also in connecting students with prominent business leaders and professionals from different sectors and countries. 

Keep reading and discover how Schiller provides you with the tools and opportunities to build a global professional network that will propel your success in the professional world.

A global community of brilliant minds  

At Schiller International University, you will immerse yourself in a truly global student community, composed of individuals from different countries, cultures, and professional backgrounds. This enriching diversity allows you to connect with bright and talented minds from around the world, expand your perspective, and establish long-lasting relationships.

On our four campuses, located in several of the most demanding places to study abroad, according to, you will have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with international students and professors, providing you with an instant network of global contacts. These classmates and professionals you connect with at Schiller will become your future colleagues and industry contacts, opening doors in different countries and providing you with unique opportunities in the global job market.

Conferences and events with business leaders  

We not only focus on providing you with a quality academic education, but we also offer you the opportunity to learn from prominent business leaders and professionals from various sectors. We organize conferences and special events where we invite experts and industry leaders to share their knowledge and experiences with you.

These conferences and events provide you with the opportunity to directly connect with high-level professionals, ask questions, gain valuable insights, and establish industry contacts. Furthermore, these interactions keep you informed about the latest trends and developments in the business world, giving you a competitive edge and helping you stand out in your future professional career.

Immersion in international companies  

One thing that we truly understand is the importance of gaining practical experience in the real world. That's why we provide you with the opportunity to participate in internships, workshops or challenges (among many other fun and enriching experiences), with renowned international companies. We count on a full Global Employability Path program that allows you to apply your theoretical knowledge in a business environment, acquire new skills, and establish valuable industry contacts.

Through our strong relationships with global companies and organizations, we can facilitate experiences and practices in different countries and sectors. Whether you aspire to work in marketing in New York, finance in Paris, or international business in Berlin, Schiller will help you find relevant and enriching opportunities.

By participating in an internship with an international company, you not only gain valuable work experience, but also build a network of contacts in the industry, establish professional connections, and increase your visibility in the global job market.

Global alumni network  

One of the most valuable advantages of being part of Schiller International University is access to our global alumni network. Our graduates are spread across the world, holding prominent positions in companies, international organizations, and governments. This global network of professionals serves as an endless source of networking opportunities, mentorship, and collaboration.

As a student at Schiller, you have the opportunity to connect with successful alumni in your field of interest, who are delighted to provide guidance and support on your path to professional success. Additionally, our alumni network organizes regular events and gatherings in different parts of the world, allowing you to establish personal connections with industry professionals in various global locations.

Take advantage of this global alumni network to strengthen your professional presence, gain valuable advice from those who have walked the same path, and open yourself up to new opportunities worldwide.

Build your global professional network at Schiller International University  

We pursue an education that goes beyond the classroom. Our focus on building a global professional network provides you with the tools and opportunities to connect with business leaders and prominent professionals worldwide. We want you to be ready to expand your horizons, experience new cultures, and gain a global perspective that will drive your professional career. Becoming whoever you want and notably increasing your contact list. 

At Schiller International University, you will not only receive a globally recognized quality education but also build a global professional network that will open doors anywhere in the world. 

Ready to start building your network and kick-start your global international career? You are right in the place.

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