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In the 21st century, and after all the transformations brought about by the pandemic, we’re aware of the importance of digital transformation processes and the value of technology in our daily lives.

We are constantly using IT devices: at home, at work, at school, when traveling, visiting a museum, playing sports, etc. Technology and innovation are a key part of our daily lives. At Schiller International University, we’re always aware of the importance in training professionals to acquire knowledge in the fields of technology and innovation that can be applied in today's business environment. 

If you’re interested in the world of innovation and technology in computer software, or are interested in working for large companies that prioritize growth and development, specializing in computer software and media applications to become an in-demand professional in the labor market and an agent of global innovation might be for you. 

What Do You get with a Master's Degree in Computer Software and Media Applications?

The MSc in Computer Software and Media Applications is an interdisciplinary program that will prepare you to implement and develop new technologies and improve information systems. As a computer software professional, you’ll have the ability to use technology to provide a service to society and to solve the challenges of the global economy in an intelligent, creative and humanistic way.

After this program you will be ready to: 

  • Create the tools of the future: as a computer software professional, you’ll be able to design and develop applications and websites.
  • Apply computational language: you’ll have all the knowledge you need to work in web design, user interfaces, vector tools, computer graphics, virtual environments, and more.
  • Implement human-computer interaction and UX design tools to create, edit, and play games, videos, and animations. All while innovating and making them attractive to the user.

The MSc in Computer Software and Media Applications is an extremely comprehensive and well-rounded program. You'll be taught not only how to design, but also how to implement and develop your tech ideas. 

What Makes a Computer Software and Media Applications MSc Worth It? 

Being a professional in the field of computer software and media applications will allow you to develop your creative and innovative skills, as well as be a part of the revolution in the tech world. 

Studying Computer Software and Media Applications is worthwhile because: 

  • You’ll be part of the global technology revolution: you’ll play an important role in the development and innovation of software, applications and tools used on a daily basis.
  • You’ll increase your employability: technology careers have taken on key importance in business, and companies are increasingly looking for professionals with the necessary skills. So much so that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the professional profiles of Software Developers and Quality Control Analysts have a projected market growth of +22%, with 2.3 million projected jobs.

By pursuing a Master's Degree in Computer Software and Media Applications, a program directly oriented towards innovation and technology, you’ll become a qualified professional that large companies are more than likely to employ.

Why You Should Choose Schiller International University to Earn Your Master's Degree in Computer Software and Media Applications 

We care about creating programs that support our students to become some of the most in-demand professionals in today’s job market. We not only care about providing you with the best career options, but also about providing the best way for you to learn. How can we do that? With a methodology that will help you develop your professional career path: The Real Global Learning Experience.

  • Experiential learning: This methodology is based on real case challenges, so that you learn about real cases from working professionals in real companies. You’ll have a comprehensive overview of professional challenges right from the beginning.
  • Monthly System: Our course format consists of studying one class per month so that you can put all your efforts into acquiring the knowledge and skills within one specific course topic at a time.
  • Four international campuses: We have four international campuses in the USA, Spain, France, and Germany so you can study around the world and boost your global mindset and become a smart global professional. 
  • Oriented towards global employability: We focus on preparing you for your professional career. You’ll work collaboratively with classmates on projects such as case studies, and prepare presentations with professionals in the field. Furthermore, we have professional partners, and you’ll be able to put into practice and build on all that you’ve learned from these companies.

Acquire advanced scientific and technological knowledge, build the most innovative and attractive user-centered products, design groundbreaking technology for the future, apply it to real-case scenarios, and be prepared to solve problems in today's professional world.

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