Master of Business Administration in Marketing

Explore a world of strategic marketing expertise with our Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Schiller International University. Tailored for aspiring marketing leaders, our program integrates cutting-edge curriculum, global perspectives, and hands-on experience. 

Discover why pursuing your MBA in Marketing with us is the key to unlocking unparalleled success in the dynamic global marketplace.


Why Choose Schiller International University for your MBA in Marketing:

Specialized Marketing Focus: Our MBA program places a specialized emphasis on marketing, providing you with in-depth knowledge and skills to excel in today's competitive marketing landscape.

Global Perspective: Gain a global outlook on marketing strategies and trends. Schiller International University's diverse community and global campuses in Tampa, Madrid, Paris, and Heidelberg offer a truly international perspective.

Experiential Learning: Learn by living, and immerse yourself in practical learning experiences. From case studies to real-world projects, our MBA in Marketing ensures you apply theoretical concepts to actual marketing challenges.

Expert Faculty: Learn from industry experts and experienced marketing professionals who bring real-world insights into the classroom. Our faculty is dedicated to nurturing your marketing expertise and leadership skills.

Four International Campuses: Broaden your horizons with our presence in four countries. Benefit from a real international experience at our campuses in Tampa, Madrid, Paris, and Heidelberg, fostering cultural diversity and a global perspective.

Key Features of our MBA in Marketing:

Strategic Marketing Management: Master the art of strategic marketing management through comprehensive courses that cover market analysis, branding, digital marketing, and more.

Global Marketing Trends: Stay ahead of global marketing trends with a curriculum that is continuously updated to reflect the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse community of students and industry professionals. Our extensive network opens doors to valuable connections and potential career opportunities.


Ready to advance your career in marketing? Explore our MBA in Marketing program and start your application process today. Join Schiller International University and position yourself for success as a global marketing leader.


Ignite your marketing career with the expertise gained from our Master of Business Administration in Marketing at Schiller International University. Your journey to global marketing leadership begins here!