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Disrupt Global Markets: Bachelor's Degree in International Marketing

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In an increasingly interconnected world, marketing has become the driving force behind businesses globally. So, if you're a creative thinker, passionate about the business world, and have an unwavering desire to explore diverse cultures, Bachelor's Degree in International Marketing could be the springboard you need to embark on an exciting global career.

The Future of Remote Work: Changing Dynamics in the Workplace

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In the not-so-distant past, work typically meant reporting to a physical office every morning. But fast forward to today, and you'll find that the landscape of work has dramatically transformed.

Alumni Spotlight: Remedios Santos Molina

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At Schiller International University, our alumni are a source of pride and inspiration. We believe in celebrating their successes and sharing their unique stories.

Mastering the Art of Cross-Cultural Communication: Your Passport to Global Success with Schiller's Language Programs

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In our increasingly interconnected world, the ability to communicate effectively across cultures is an invaluable skill. It transcends mere language proficiency; it's the key to thriving in today's dynamic global business landscape.

Constitution Day: Celebrating the Backbone of Democracy

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Constitution Day, also known as Citizenship Day, is an important federal observance in the United States. On September 17th each year, Americans commemorate the signing of the United States Constitution in 1787.

Beyond the Books: Exploring Schiller's Experiential Learning Initiatives

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Greetings, future leaders, innovators, and change-makers! Learning is not just about college; it's about launching a thrilling adventure that will shape your destiny.

Goya Foods Visits Schiller Madrid

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We recently hosted another event to bring the professional world closer to students. Bob and Bill Unanue, CEO and GM of Goya Europa, accompanied by members of their team, visited our Schiller Madrid campus and hosted a special conversation with our students, led by Tampa Program lead, Dr. Genevieve Dobson.

Alumni Spotlight: Hussain Ayoub

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In this conversation with Manuela Toteva, Schiller alumni Hussain Ayoub reflects on the impact that Schiller's diversity and experiential methodology had on his personal and professional development. 

Back to School: Your Guide to Succeeding in University

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Are you on the brink of beginning your university adventure or already immersed in it? Then, this article is for you. Because we know that university life can be both exciting and challenging, we want to share some essential (and straightforward) tips and resources that can help you navigate this experience successfully.

Faculty Spotlight: Prof. Dr. Geoffrey K. Writes

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In our ongoing Faculty Spotlight series, we turn our attention to the esteemed Prof. Dr. Geoffrey K. Writes, a renowned educator hailing from Germany. With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for teaching, Prof. Writes has been a valued member of the Schiller International University community since April 2015.

Unveiling Innovation: Journey into the Revolution of Music with Neil West

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In a world where innovation is the heartbeat of progress, there are rare moments that shape industries, redefine paradigms, and leave an indelible mark on society.

Welcome Message from Schiller’s President and CEO

Madrid ad Paris

I am delighted to welcome you all to the start of the 2023-2024 academic year. For our new students in Madrid, Paris, Heidelberg, Tampa and our Distance Learning community, I am especially excited to have you join the Schiller family.

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