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Unlock the boundless potential of internationally accredited degrees – your ultimate global passport to a thriving career that transcends borders and opens doors to opportunities around the world. These qualifications aren't mere pieces of paper; they're your golden keys to unlock doors and work anywhere on the planet, from bustling metropolitan cities to remote, exotic destinations.

In today's interconnected and dynamic job market, having a globally accredited degree is like having a secret weapon in your professional arsenal. It not only enhances your knowledge and skills but also significantly amplifies your employability on a global scale.  

Going Beyond Global Employability: Schiller Accredited* Dual Degrees  

Taking the leap beyond global employability at, Schiller International University we provide the chance to get accredited* dual degrees that are redefining the boundaries of education. By choosing us, you are not just pursuing an education; you are investing in a life-changing experience that transcends geographical boundaries. Our internationally recognized dual degrees empower you to craft a career without constraints, making you a truly global professional.  

Our international recognitions empower you to craft a career without boundaries, opening doors to opportunities across the globe. Whether you dream of working in bustling metropolises, exploring remote corners of the world, or embracing a truly global career, you will count on a competitive edge that sets you apart from the crowd.


Why Dual Degrees Matter: Unlocking Global Employability  

At Schiller International University, we wholeheartedly believe in empowering our students to not just succeed but thrive in an interconnected world. We understand that today's global job market demands more than traditional education can offer. 

That's why we've developed a range of accredited* dual degrees that can provide you with a unique advantage that goes beyond the ordinary. Let’s see why: 

  • One Study Plan, Two Degrees: With accredited dual degrees, you can follow a single study plan while earning both U.S. and European degrees. This streamlined approach saves you time and money and equips you with a globally recognized qualification.
  • Constructing a Global Profile: Our approach empowers you to craft a personalized Global Profile based on your career aspirations. Whether you seek a career in international business, hospitality management, or global diplomacy, our programs offer diverse options.
  • One Degree, Global Accreditation: Our commitment to excellence ensures your education is recognized across multiple jurisdictions, empowering you to shape a truly global career. Here's how our accredited dual degrees can transform your future:
    • Global Recognition: Our U.S.-based institution holds accreditation from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). This accreditation extends the global recognition of our degrees, ensuring that they are valued across borders.
    • European Credential: Through our partnership with the prestigious University of Roehampton in London, UK, you have the opportunity to earn a complementary European Degree. This additional qualification adheres to the Bologna Process guidelines, adding to its prestige in Europe and beyond.
    • International Acceptance: Schiller is recognized by governments worldwide, simplifying processes and granting access to the benefits that countries offer to international students.
    • Local Relevance: We maintain a local presence in several countries, reinforcing the quality and global recognition of our degrees. This ensures that your education aligns with local standards while maintaining its international appeal.
    • Excellence: Schiller International University's Madrid Campus recently earned the prestigious School of Distinction Award from ACCSC, highlighting our commitment to academic excellence and an exceptional learning environment. This achievement reflects our innovative teaching methods, dedicated support, student engagement, and the potential of our alumni network. 

Boost Your Career with Schiller's Accredited* Dual Degrees

We don't just offer degrees; we offer keys to a world of limitless possibilities. Our internationally accredited* dual degrees stand as testaments to your commitment to excellence and ambition to excel in an interconnected world 

  • Unlock Global Passport to Success: By choosing Schiller's accredited* dual degrees, you're not merely earning qualifications; you're unlocking doors to a world of global opportunities. With recognition in both the United States and Europe, your career prospects are borderless. Your global employability takes center stage, allowing you to choose your career path on a global scale.
  • Gain Cultural Fluency and Adaptability: Embracing the international experience at Schiller hones your cross-cultural skills and adaptability. In an era where diversity is celebrated, these traits are not just desirable but essential. Employers seek professionals who can navigate and thrive in diverse environments, and Schiller empowers you with these valuable attributes.
  • Build a Network for Success: Schiller's vibrant international community offers more than an education; it provides a global network. Your journey here connects you with peers, professors, and professionals from around the world. These connections become invaluable as you explore global job opportunities, opening doors you never thought possible.
  • Achieve Dual Expertise for Versatility: Our dual degree programs offer a rich tapestry of academic offerings. This diverse knowledge equips you with a versatile skill set that transcends industries and borders. Employers recognize the value of versatility, and Schiller graduates stand out as dynamic, adaptable, and highly desirable candidates.

Your dreams know no bounds, and neither should your ambitions. In a world teeming with possibilities, envision yourself as a true global leader, ready to seize opportunities wherever they may be found. By joining Schiller's accredited* dual degrees, you're not just investing in an education; you're investing in a future without limitations. 

So... If you aspire to be a genuine global leader, dare to embrace a future brimming with opportunities worldwide. 

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