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At Schiller International University, we are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the máshumano Foundation, which promises to redefine the future of employability and social impact for our students.

In a world that's rapidly evolving with digitalization and facing complex social, environmental, and economic challenges, the need for leaders who are not only skilled but also deeply rooted in humanistic values has never been greater. Recognizing this, Schiller University is proud to join forces with the máshumano Foundation, an organization that shares our vision of nurturing a more humane society through education and leadership.

This partnership was officially sealed on October 23rd, marking a commitment to foster humanistic leadership among our young scholars. The initiative will come to life through our "School of Values and Skills," set to launch a series of formative sessions throughout 2023 and 2024. These sessions will include inspirational talks, seminars, and workshops designed to enhance our students' employability and social consciousness.

We are honored to have leaders from various sectors—business, social, and entrepreneurial—join us in this endeavor. They will be instrumental in guiding our students towards personal growth, social impact, and professional readiness for a workforce that values humility, responsibility, empathy, trust, creativity, and innovation.

Beatriz Sánchez Guitián, the General Director of the máshumano Foundation, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the shared goal of bringing purpose-driven leadership training to our students, inspiring them to become the ethical leaders our future demands.

Echoing this sentiment, Carmen Alba Ruiz-Morales, Director of the Madrid Campus, stated, "At Schiller University, we are immensely proud to forge this alliance with the máshumano Foundation. This significant step aligns with our ongoing commitment to cultivating leaders who will excel in their professional fields and make positive societal contributions. With the launch of our School of Values and Skills, we are doubling down on our promise to equip our students with not only knowledge but also the social skills and values essential for their all-around development and professional success."


Together, Schiller University and the máshumano Foundation are setting a new standard for education—one where excellence meets ethics, and where the leaders of tomorrow are prepared today.


Here's to shaping a future that values people at its core.

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