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Alumni Spotlight

Sherif Haridy graduated from Schiller Madrid with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 2005 and later deepened his knowledge of finance with the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)  certification in 2014. He has developed a successful career in the field of finance specializing in commercial and financial planning and has held different positions at companies such as Orange EgyptGE HealthcareSC Johnson and Danone. He speaks fluent English, French, Spanish, and Arabic and is currently based in his home country, Egypt. 

How did you get to Schiller? 

I come from a family of diplomats so traveling was the norm for my family. I was born in DC and lived in Washington, Kuwait, France, and Spain. In Madrid, I was attending the American School of Madrid during my teenage years, and for university, Schiller was the obvious choice as it was the American university of reference in Madrid. Also, my siblings had studied at Schiller, so we had firsthand knowledge of the quality education it offered. 

What's it like to study at Schiller International University Madrid campus? 

The best part was definitely the people I met there. I mean, you had students from all over the world, thanks to Madrid being this hub of cultural diversity. And since Schiller had campuses in different countries, you could even go to other campuses if you wanted. It was truly enriching.

I still remember some of my professors, like George Collinson, our economics teacher. We didn't just have classes; we also had group meetings and gatherings where we discussed ideas from the lessons. The learning experience was continuous and interactive. Studying at Schiller wasn't just about the education and the amazing teachers; it was also about the incredible mix of students from different corners of the globe. 

Did you go to other campuses?

I only attended the Madrid campus, and honestly, I was so happy there. I had already done quite a bit of traveling as the son of a diplomat, so Madrid felt like the place to be for me. And, well, I must admit, the party scene was pretty fantastic too. I didn't want to miss out on all the fun, especially since there were party options every day of the week, even Sundays! 

How was your experience of the campus?

We were at the iconic campus of San Bernardo, which was a small and unforgettable campus. I remember they used to give us The Wall Street Journal for free at the library and we had great times at the cafeteria with Akram Aljehani, another notable student from Schiller. 

How has Schiller impacted your career?

After graduating from Schiller, I returned to Egypt straight from Madrid and started my career in finance. Having an international degree really gave me an edge in the corporate world here. I began in telecommunications, analyzing budgets for the commercial side of the business at Orange. That was just the beginning. I later joined General Electric, where I oversaw finance in Africa. Then I moved on to SC Johnson, where I was responsible for the Middle East, Pakistan, and Egypt.

Schiller had a significant impact on my career, not just because of the education I received but also because of the international exposure it provided. Working in diverse environments and dealing with people from different cultures became easier because of the skills I developed at Schiller. It helped me connect with others, break the ice, and build strong relationships, which is crucial, especially in large corporations with people from all over the world. So, apart from the education itself, the international mix and background were immensely beneficial.

Why would you recommend studying at Schiller International University?

I feel like I gained a lot from my time at Schiller without having to put in as much effort as students at other universities. I think it's because of the practical approach to learning we had. We had classes until around 7:30 pm, but we still had time to go out for a drink, you know? We learned a great deal, had amazing teachers, and enjoyed ourselves along the way. And that's important, especially when you're young.

How can aspiring students to Schiller be prepared for applying?

My advice is to strike the right balance between enjoying the fantastic locations and the great social scene while also being fully present in your classes. Make the most of the opportunity to meet and learn from as many people as possible. Interact, mingle, and connect with everyone, even those who might be competing with you for better grades. Striking that balance and building relationships will help you develop a vast network. I'm still in touch with many of my Schiller friends to this day.

Will you bring your children to Schiller?

Absolutely! But I think I'll choose the Paris campus for them. In Madrid, we spent a lot of time partying, you know? Now that I'm a father, I want my children to be able to party, but a little bit less, hahaha. 

*Interview by Sonia Alegre, Schiller Alumni

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