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As part of our 60th anniversary celebrations, Schiller International University proudly introduces the Pegasus as our new mascot, marking a milestone in our storied history. After an exciting and closely contested mascot contest, the Pegasus soared ahead of the Wolf, becoming the emblem of our vibrant community and shared values.

Embracing Our Heritage and Community Spirit

The Pegasus, an iconic figure in myth and our own heraldry has been central to our identity since Dr. Walter Leibrecht, our founder, selected it for our official crest. The Pegasus embodies our commitment to higher learning, creativity, and our rich traditions.

At Schiller International University, we embody the philosophy of 'Multum non multa,' which translates to 'much, not many' in Latin. This guiding principle underscores our commitment to depth over breadth in education. We prioritize immersing students in meaningful learning experiences that foster deep understanding and mastery of their chosen subjects.

Schiller International University's crest

This approach aligns with our belief in experiential learning, where students engage deeply with their studies to develop critical thinking skills and expertise. By focusing on comprehensive knowledge rather than a superficial grasp of many topics, we empower our students to excel academically and professionally.

"The Pegasus represents our collective aspirations and the freedom of thought that are foundational to our academic community," said Dr. Marta Muñiz, Schiller’s President and CEO.


This blast from the past truly reflects who Schiller International University is—honoring our history while embracing communal choice. Our students, faculty, and alumni actively participated in the contest, showcasing the dynamic spirit that thrives within our campus walls.

Drawing inspiration from the illustrious German poet, Friedrich Schiller, our namesake, the choice of Pegasus aligns with his exploration of freedom and creativity, particularly evident in his poem "Pegasus in Yoke."

This poem captures the challenge of balancing artistic endeavor with societal duties, paralleling our mission to harmonize creative expression with academic rigor.

Much like Pegasus, the legendary winged horse born from the blood of Medusa, Schiller International University students embody boldness and adventure in their pursuit of knowledge and excellence. Just as Pegasus quickly ascended to the heavens, becoming a symbol of divine inspiration and freedom, our students rise above challenges to achieve greatness in their academic and personal journeys.

Pegasus' partnership with Bellerophon on their daring quest to slay the monstrous Chimera parallels our students' collaborative spirit and determination to tackle complex global issues. With unparalleled speed and flight, Pegasus enabled Bellerophon to attack from the skies, showcasing the power of innovation and creative thinking—qualities we nurture at Schiller.

After many heroic feats, Pegasus ascended to Mount Olympus, where he served Zeus and was immortalized among the stars. Similarly, Schiller International University students aim high, guided by our commitment to excellence and global citizenship. Together, we inspire each other to reach for the stars, embracing the transformative power of education and boldly shaping the future.



A school crest with a Pegasus as its symbol

The mighty Pegasus, new mascot of Schiller International University


Looking Forward with the Pegasus 

We can’t wait to see where this new chapter will take us. The Pegasus will be woven into the fabric of our campus life, from athletic events to official merchandise, fostering a sense of unity and pride among us all.

Introducing the Pegasus is more than just unveiling a new mascot; it’s a powerful reaffirmation of Schiller International University’s legacy—a legacy of empowering students through knowledge and creative freedom. As we look to the future, the Pegasus stands as a beacon of inspiration, guiding us to new heights in education and community engagement.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter in Schiller’s history. Together, we continue to soar towards greater achievements.


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