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Collaborating with Harvard Business Publishing to unlock new pedagogical resources and partnering with Telanto to connect students with companies through real-life challenges, Schiller takes experiential learning to a new level.

At Schiller, we are constantly innovating in order to offer our students the highest-quality education possible. With the aim of providing our students with the best educational resources, we are happy to announce we recently signed a contract with Harvard Business Publishing to incorporate its pedagogical resources in our programs.

Harvard Business Publishing houses over 52,000 pedagogical resources in a wide variety of formats that can be used in both undergraduate and graduate programs. The most well-known HBP resources are its business cases: brief cases, multimedia and podcasts, but it also offers simulations, online courses, Harvard Business Review articles, Harvard ManageMentor® lessons, tutorials, etc.

This collaboration with Harvard Business Publishing further extends Schiller’s mission to provide a practical approach to learning with the highest academic standards.



We are also continuing to enhance our experiential learning methodologies in several ways. We are promoting the Challenge Based Learning (CBL) methodology among our professors and some of them will become CBL ambassadors or mentors.

In addition, we have signed a pilot agreement with Telanto which is a platform that connects companies with universities in order to allow students to solve challenges proposed by various companies. The pilot will consist of 8 professors and 120 students and SIU will hold a training session for the same professors who attend the CBL training. We will start using Telanto in September, the challenges will be implemented with 3rd and 4th year students as well as graduate students, and we may also explore the possibility of setting up joint challenges across campuses.

We are continuing to implement strategic alliances with several companies in order to perform real challenges for them as a way to promote Schiller students’ talent acquisition.

Several Digital Tools Training Sessions will take place in September that will be taught by BQ, a leading Digital Education company. The sessions will explore digital tools related to evaluation and feedback as well as digital tools focused on collaboration and interaction.

We are also working on revamping our MBA programs to improve the student experience by introducing extracurricular content, expanding digital educational resources and enhancing experiential learning methodologies through strategic alliances with top companies and top educational institutions.

At Schiller, we continuously strive to innovate in order to offer our students a high-quality education. Through our recent partnerships with Harvard Business Publishing, Telanto, and our continuous expansion of experiential learning methodologies, our students benefit from first-hand access to top companies, innovative tools and ongoing educational enhancements, increasing their employability and providing them with a world-class education.

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