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Promoting Sustainable Development for a Livable World

Sustainable development practices help countries and businesses grow in ways that adapt to the challenges posed by climate change. This protects important natural resources for our current and future generations and allows communities to thrive. By the year 2050, it is estimated that our global population will likely reach 9 billion people. Sustainable development is necessary to maintain a livable world for each of these individuals.

Schiller International University's Participation in the Earth Month Ecochallenge

In April 2023, Schiller International University, participated in the Earth Month Ecochallenge: Sustainable Development Goals Collective Impact. his event, sponsored by some of the largest companies including Deloitte, Comerica Bank, and Emerson, provided an incredible platform for Schiller International University, a global school, to showcase its commitment to sustainability and global leadership.

Dedicated Eco-Actions for a Sustainable Future 

With a total of 1,103 teams around the world, across 89 countries and 55 states/regions, as well as 349,900 eco-actions completed, Ecochallenge divided its initiatives into five categories based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations: security and provision for one’s fundamental needs, health and equity, education and a sustainable way of life, economy and community, and climate and ecosystems. 

Participants from Schiller International University as an educational community committed to taking certain eco-actions for the entire month, such as carpooling, planting trees, viewing educational documentaries, or spending more time outdoors working in local communities. 

Each action resulted in the awarding of points, and participants of each team competed for the most points. To show the combined effect of people from throughout the world, actions were methodically tracked throughout Earth Month. 

Through its active engagement, Schiller International University put the SDGs into action to create a substantial positive impact and build a sustainable world and a healthy planet.  

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) remain a commitment to achieving sustainable development across three dimensions — environmental, social, and economic — in an inclusive and integrated way. 

Learn More about the Earth Month Ecochallenge 

Additional information about and a summary of this unique event can be found at 

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