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In a world where soft skills and values-based leadership are essential, Schiller and Más Humano have charted an ambitious path to cultivate future successful leaders. Through the "School of Values and Skills" program, these two leading institutions are committed to offering a series of training sessions during 2023 and 2024, using inspiring talks, seminars, and workshops as key tools.

The primary objective of this innovative educational approach is to boost employability, entrepreneurial vocation, and the development of students' Social CVs. The collaboration goes beyond theory, immersing students in practice and providing real opportunities from day one. Once again, they learn by living

The School of Values and Skills: Where Everything is Trained

The inaugural session of this "School of Values" took place on November 17 under the intriguing title "Unlocking Olympic Excellence: Learn to Thrive in Business with Insights from a Fencing Medalist." Thanks to the collaboration with José Luis Abajo Pirri, Olympic medalist and president of the Spanish Fencing Federation, and his academy, students at Schiller International University delved into the captivating world of fencing.

Beyond the techniques of this sport, participants explored the art of strategic thinking, the importance of mind-body harmony, and the courage needed to face life's challenges. The key lesson: it's not just about wielding a sword but also about confronting life's duels. It was a revealing experience that marked the beginning of a series of equally impactful events.

The upcoming sessions are designed to continue inspiring and developing essential skills in students. From hackathons to masterclasses, each event will focus on specific aspects of leadership, providing practical tools and valuable perspectives for participants' personal and professional growth.

An Exciting Program of Activities

On January 23, the program will tackle a Hackathon, stimulating creativity and problem-solving in a collaborative environment. On February 6, "From Vision to Reality: How Business Leaders Can Make a Positive Difference" will explore how business leaders can positively impact the world. These are just two examples of a carefully designed series of events to offer practical and valuable experiences for students' comprehensive development. But there is much more…

Save the dates! 

  • January 23: Hackathon
  • February 6: From Vision to Reality: How Business Leaders Can Make a Positive Difference
  • March 21: Elevator Pitch Masterclass
  • April 12: From Inspiration to Action: The Power of Individuals in Social Impact
  • May 21: Masterclass
  • June 6: Transformative Perspectives: The Role of Entrepreneurship in Building a Better Society

Creating Young Leaders Capable of Anything

The collaboration between the Más Humano Foundation and Schiller International University represents a significant step toward creating young leaders with a holistic approach. These leaders are ready to face the challenges of today's job market and contribute positively to society. These initiatives will not only drive the individual development of students but will also cultivate a generation of leaders committed to building a more humane and sustainable future.

This collaboration not only reflects the commitment of both institutions to quality education but also underscores the importance of a humanistic approach in shaping tomorrow's leaders. Together, Schiller and Más Humano are shaping a future where values-based leadership and empathy are as crucial as technical skills.

Join Us in This Thrilling Challenge

Join us on this exciting journey toward a more humane and vibrant future. Schiller International University and the Más Humano Foundation are paving the way for education that not only prepares students for the job market but also empowers them to make a positive impact in society.

We invite you to be part of this educational revolution!

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