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A Journey into the Heart of Economics: IRD Students at the Cité de l’Économie

In September 2023, the historic streets of Paris echoed with more than just the footsteps of tourists and locals; they resonated with the enthusiasm of IRD students eager to delve into the intricacies of international economic history. Under the guidance of their instructor, Tigrane Yegavian, these budding diplomats and analysts embarked on an enlightening journey to the Cité de l’Économie. Nestled within a grand 19th-century edifice that once marked the epicenter of the Banque de France, the museum offered a profound exploration of the challenges and nuances of globalization.

Student Testimonies 

"The museum houses interactive games that help to teach basic economic knowledge, such as trading between individuals, investments, and how to determine the state of an economy to know when to invest and when not to. There are also various displays of old currencies from different parts of the world ranging from different years, depicting the history and evolution of paper-based currency."   

"The most memorable for me was the “Made in Partout” section. We saw how one artifact or object is made with material from all parts of the world. We are caught in total dependence on globalization. A device evoking an airport scanner shows the journey of an engaging space for visitors to learn about the economy and its impact on society. The production process, from raw materials to the final object or finished product. It depicts a multitude of operations located all over the planet, each indicative of the globalization of economic activities. Overall, the museum was an engaging space for students to learn about the economy and its impact on society. "


"Overall, the Cité de l’Économie was a pleasant and educational platform that enhanced my understanding of economics through interactive exhibits, educational programs, and outreach activities. It provided an inclusive and accessible space for me and my coursemates to engage with economic concepts and explore their impact on society. I could learn and connect with my classmates outside of the classroom activity. It was a great and worthwhile experience."


"My visit to the Cité de l’Économie not only broadened my knowledge of economics but also enriched my understanding of how it intersects with diplomacy, enhancing my academic journey in International Relations & Diplomacy."


"The layout and design of the Cité de l’Économie were aesthetically pleasing and thoughtfully planned. The museum’s architecture and exhibition spaces created an atmosphere conducive to learning and reflection. It was an incredible experience."

Schiller's Commitment to Experiential Education

At Schiller, the classroom is more than four walls and a whiteboard. It’s the bustling streets of Paris, the aged corners of historic landmarks, and the innovative spaces like the Cité de l’Économie. This immersive experience at the museum is a testament to Schiller's unwavering commitment to "learning by living." It's a belief deeply ingrained in our ethos that true understanding doesn't merely arise from textbooks and lectures but is most potently ignited through firsthand experiences.

By taking education outside traditional boundaries, we ensure that our students not only accumulate knowledge but also truly grasp its implications in real-world contexts. Events such as these serve as a bridge, connecting theoretical insights to tangible realities. They provide students with an enriched perspective, allowing them to see, touch, and feel the very subjects they study. Through these endeavors, Schiller celebrates and fortifies its pledge to experiential learning, ensuring that every student not only learns but lives the essence of their education.

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