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We already knew that Generation Z had arrived to completely change all standards, taking nothing for granted, deconstructing gender stereotypes, and caring much more about their health and that of the planet that is their home. And all of this always goes hand in hand with new technologies and social networks, which in many cases are already a part of their existence. 

But, after these years tinged by the isolation of the pandemic, what do they think the future holds for them? Do they feel safe? What worries them most? And, above all, how has the Covid-19 crisis affected them? Do they still have the same expectations? 

The new generations are coming on strong and, even with that generalized "disenchantment with life" that characterizes them, they are aware that they are the only ones capable of leading this new reality. And, for this reason, they have established their own rules; they have specific requirements that education must follow in order to adapt to them, not only covering their needs but also helping them to be able to change the world.  

A generation ready to change everything 

If there is one thing that Gen Z is sure about, it's that the best place to learn and develop is no longer the traditional university. For them, learning means going a step beyond reading textbooks or notes and taking exams. Learning is experiential because it is an experience that helps you understand how the world works and makes you acquire the skills that will later be useful to solve the problems you will encounter in the future. It is a way of understanding education that is very similar to what we offer at Schiller International University. 

This is revealed in the "Question The Quo" study, conducted at the height of the pandemic by the Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC) and VICE MEDIA, which reveals the new desires of young people in terms of educational expectations.

They prefer more flexible and personalized studies

While in the past it was normal to opt for the traditional university model, now only 23% of students consider it to be effective. Meanwhile, 70% think that the learning path is different, more flexible, more personalized, and focused on the professional future, even if this means not going to university. 

For Generation Z, it is no longer enough to study here and now and forget everything later. It is clear to them that learning is a continuous journey in which they never stop acquiring new knowledge, so being in contact with real companies is essential to success. More than 60% say that working directly with organizations is the best place to enhance their learning. 

At Schiller International University we are sure about this and we provide a global employability path that connects our students with their professional future from day one. 

They value having distance learning options

Gen Z can't see themselves without technology. And if there's one thing they value after the pandemic, it's having the opportunity to study or work remotely. 

And while many still prefer face-to-face learning, they value having options and being able to choose to study wherever and whenever they want. Again, flexibility is one of the most important added values for them.

That's why we not only offer our programs at a distance, but we also ensure that they fully respect the experiential and hands-on learning model. So that even if our students study online, they don't miss out on anything. 

Gen Z cares about the future 

Generation Z has always been characterized by high-stress levels, which have increased with the pandemic. But what are the causes? 

Climate change, the high expectations that others have of them, and the little hope that in the future they will get a job they are passionate about (even more so after Covid-19), are some of the issues that provoke the most anxiety in this generation of young people. A generation that defines success as being able to make a living from doing what makes them happy, regardless of the money. 

Uncertainty has led them to change their plans and they now prefer to study in committed institutions that are in line with their principles and guarantee they will acquire solid skills, good access to professional opportunities, and that are also able to guide them on the path to their professional future, advising them on what is best for them. 

At Schiller International University, we work to adapt to these expectations and to provide the best education possible. We meet each of the requirements that young people demand to succeed in their professional careers. 

Because we know that we are the ones who have to guide them on their path to change the world. 

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