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At Schiller International University, we know that staying current is the best way to give our students the education and future they deserve. Pondering about the future is thinking about innovation.

We are aware that the world is constantly changing: the way we connect, how we communicate, how we search for information, how we entertain ourselves and the way we choose to move. Nowadays, big companies like Google, Amazon, Uber, Meta, Netflix, Tesla, etc. need to collect information about us, their customers, about what we do, how we shop, how we live, what excites us... They use all this information to improve their products and services, and to think of better solutions for their customers.

To gather all this information and design the best solutions, companies will need more and more experts in Data & Technology. If you are interested in the world of innovation, information, business and technology, and in being a part of large and growing companies, you should specialize in data analytics, business analytics, big data, data science or applied math, to become an in-demand professional in the labor market.

What are you going to learn while earning your MSc in Data Analytics? 

The MSc in Data Analytics is an interdisciplinary program that brings together the business and technical worlds. Here you will learn about the two fundamental pillars of big data: artificial intelligence and data analysis, through different qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques. You will also develop programming and information management skills.

The MSc in Data Analytics is for you if: 

● You are passionate about the world of innovation, information, business and technology

● You enjoy interpreting mathematical data models

● You are interested in working in companies analyzing large volumes of data to make decisions based on data 

● You want to apply business analytics to take advantage of market opportunities 

Why earn your MSc in Data Analytics: remuneration and employability 

As a data analytics and big data specialist, your career field is likely to expand significantly. Interest in an occupation in the technology sector is increasing due to promising job prospects, good salaries, the range of profiles, and opportunities or the possibility of remote work that allows for greater flexibility.

  • High demand: this professional profile is one of the most in demand and least competitive according to InfoJobs. You will be able to work in sectors such as government, manufacturing, company management, finance, and insurance, and pursue professions such as business intelligence analyst, marketing analyst, or data science, among many others, all in high demand.
  • Added value of data: The analysis of large volumes of data is essential to providing innovative solutions of great impact, whether economic or social.
  • It is a booming sector, as it is a present and future profession. The implementation of data analytics is key in various sectors such as technology, innovation, sales, health, etc.
  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, data analytics professional profiles have +25% expected market growth in 2030, and 130K new jobs are projected.

Why earn your MSc in Data Analytics at Schiller International University? 

At Schiller International University, we are experts in innovation and education, and we know that the best path to your future is through our Real Global Learning Experience approach.

Our MSc in Data Analytics is a unique program designed to meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's business world. It lasts 15 months and has 15 courses, which means one course per month. So, you can draw your personalized path, and choose when and where to start studying so you can put all your effort into learning the knowledge and skills of a specific subject. And if that's not enough, you can also choose how and where to study. With the hybrid format, you can learn online wherever you are and combine it with exciting hands-on experiences on campus. 

From the very first moment, your learning will be based on real challenges with real companies, which will allow you to put all your knowledge into practice, with the help of incredible experts in the sector. We want to connect you to the professional world from day one; our Data Analytics master’s degree is oriented towards global employability, so you will be able to work with leading companies, and we can help you to increase your employability.

As a student of Schiller International University, you will have the opportunity to study abroad and you can choose to study at any of our campuses: Tampa, Paris or Madrid - or all 3, why not? Study around the world, get firsthand experience and boost your global mindset to the fullest.

We are determined to accompany our students on their way to becoming the smart global professionals they wish to be, profiles that are in high demand and desirable in today's job market. And we have no doubt that this will be the case.

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