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Experiential Artistic Immersion 

On 6 February 2023, Schiller students from the Paris campus went on an artistic journey coupled with an interactive and sensory experience at “MATERIALS”, the first exhibition dedicated to the French artist Bruno Catalano which looks back on 30 years of sculpture. Through an immersive and free adventure at the Bartoux Gallery, at the limits of reality and ready to upset senses by an interactive course in the middle of surprising sculptures, this retrospective revealed to students the backstage of creation through a faithful reconstitution of the sculptor’s workshop and a selection of unpublished works. 

Schiller students could discover how Catalano plays with our perception of the world through his flagship series “Travelers”, namely sculptures of characters striking for their realism and their missing parts. Sculpting both matter and emptiness, Catalano succeeds in impressing his public through his works while highlighting the environment in which visitors can contemplate them. The landscape completes the “missing” parts of his sculptures.  

The students could admire this fascinating work through an exceptional immersion. And for good reason, the scenography came to life as they were moving along, making this adventure a real artistic trip. The exhibition covers 500 m² divided into three floors, each representing a different chapter. 

In the basement, the students could discover the genesis of the travelers, whose scenography is presented as a light, visual and sound opera. They found works in plaster before immersing themselves in the artist’s studio where the original clay models stand. From here the students joined a choir of men in Scan before moving on to the next chapter of their wanderings. 

Here a set of photographs took them to the four corners of the world, to conquer the artist’s scattered works. Upstairs, the students finally joined the travelers who were waiting for them in their respective worlds thanks to a large screen on which panoramic landscapes follow one another. They were accompanied by games of light, mirrors, mysterious fog, beams of light, and synchronized lighting, revealing a shadow theatre activated by their own movements. 

Learning at the Bartoux Galleries 

The Bartoux Galleries is an international group with 20 galleries located in France, Monaco, London, New York, Miami, and Saint-Tropez, representing a whole new generation of artists. The first galleries were inaugurated in cities whose history is associated with painting. The entry into the heart of the international art market was first established in Paris in 2003, New York in 2007, London in 2015, Monaco in 2018, and Miami in 2020. 

The Bartoux family’s approach is to interact with the public by raising awareness of art, while opening a window on new and exciting cultural values. The galleries are open spaces, as well as places for exchange between enthusiasts from often various backgrounds. All creative and talented artists are welcome and have their place in the Bartoux Galleries. 

The Bartoux Galleries offer a mix of great masters and established and emerging artists. It is this alchemy that creates their DNA. With an unconditional love of the men and women of art, and an in-depth knowledge of the artistic professions, the Bartoux Galleries help to push back prejudices and eliminate differences. 

Since 1938, the Bartoux Gallery of Paris, dedicated to historical images, has kept its soul and 300 linear meters of boxes of photographic archives, green in color with the handwritten writing so characteristic, visible from the street through its long glass façade. This place is a must for lovers of Paris, history, and photography. 


This outdoor experiential learning activity in Paris was convened by Dr. Myriam Benraad, Global Academic Chair for International Relations & Diplomacy at Schiller International University. 

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