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Congratulations to Heidelberg for being recognized as Germany's most sustainable city, an achievement that resonates throughout Schiller International University's Heidelberg Campus

Today, we celebrate Heidelberg's commitment to sustainability and explore how it aligns with our values at Schiller International University.

1. Heidelberg, Cradle of Sustainability:

Heidelberg has been crowned as Germany's most sustainable city according to the prestigious WirtschaftsWoche 2023 ranking. This title not only reflects a charming urban landscape but also an unwavering commitment to digital infrastructure, renewable energy, and social sustainability.

2. A Deep Connection to Sustainability:

At Schiller International University, we believe that living and studying in a city committed to sustainability is not only inspiring but also transformative. This recognition reinforces our conviction that sustainability is not just taught in classrooms but lived in every corner of Heidelberg.

3. Heidelberg and Schiller: Partners in Sustainability:

As a new Heidelberger, I experience firsthand the power of living and working in a city that not only preaches sustainability but also practices it. This alignment with our values is reflected in Schiller's Master's in Sustainability, where we explore innovative solutions to real-world challenges

4. Working Together for a Sustainable Future: 

This achievement is a testament to the collective effort of the Heidelberg community. From exceptionally low dropout rates to a vibrant research scene, Heidelberg sets standards in key areas. At Schiller, we take pride in being part of this sustainable city and contributing to the development of professionals committed to a sustainable future.

5. Heidelberg and Schiller for the Tomorrow: 

Heidelberg, with its well-deserved recognition, strengthens our mission at Schiller International University. We encourage our students to immerse themselves in an educational experience where sustainability is not just a study topic but a way of life. Here's to a sustainable and prosperous future, together in Heidelberg! 

It is no coincidence that Schiller International University is situated in a hub of technology and sustainability. We choose our locations with a purpose—for our students to shine. We believe that the cities we operate in are not just backdrops but integral parts of our students' journeys, providing an environment where they can thrive, innovate, and contribute to a brighter future. 

Join us in the city where education meets sustainability, and together, let's illuminate the path to a better world.

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