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Goya Food leadership meets the students at the Schiller campus in Madrid

We recently hosted another event to bring the professional world closer to students. Bob and Bill Unanue, CEO and GM of Goya Europa, accompanied by members of their team, visited our Schiller Madrid campus and hosted a special conversation with our students, led by Tampa Program lead, Dr. Genevieve Dobson.

The American Dream, a concept deeply ingrained in our society, represents the idea of turning nothing into something through hard work and determination. It symbolizes the pursuit of success and prosperity. Recently, Schiller University had the honor of hosting Bob Unanue and Bill  Unanue, CEO of Goya Foods and GM of Goya Europa. Their remarkable journey serves as a true embodiment of the American Dream, taking the flavors of Latin cuisine global and establishing Goya as a household name worldwide. During this enlightening event, Bill Unanue and Bob Unanue shared their inspiring story, emphasizing their commitment to a people-first culture and their mission to foster unity through food.

The American Dream: A Universal Aspiration:

Undoubtedly, the American Dream is a concept that resonates with people from all walks of life. It represents the belief that anyone can achieve success and prosperity with dedication and hard work. Bill and Bob Unanue's journey from humble beginnings to global success exemplifies this dream, showing that it is attainable for those with vision and determination. 

Goya Foods: A Taste of Latin Culture Worldwide:

Moreover, Goya Foods is a brand that has transcended borders and brought the vibrant flavors of Latin cuisine to kitchens around the world. Bill and Bob Unanue's commitment to sharing their cultural heritage through food has made Goya a global culinary icon. Their success story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

A People-Centric Culture:

Furthermore, one of the key takeaways from Bill and Bob Unanue talk was their emphasis on people over profits. Their corporate culture prioritizes the well-being and satisfaction of their employees and customers. This approach has not only contributed to their success but also created a sense of unity within their organization. 

Uniting the World, One Bean at a Time:

In a light-hearted moment, Bob Unanue humorously pointed out that the only thing capable of causing tension among people is their choice of favorite Goya product. He playfully noted, "We are united by food, but separated by the bean." This remark underscores the power of food to bring people together and transcend cultural boundaries. 

Behind the Scenes of Success:

Furthermore, Bill and Bob Unanue shared insights into every facet of their business, from marketing strategies to distribution networks. These valuable lessons offered students and attendees a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how successful businesses operate and thrive in the global market. 

Inspiring the future:

The story of Bill and Bob Unanue and their journey with Goya Foods is a testament to the enduring allure of the American Dream. Their commitment to sharing the flavors of Latin cuisine worldwide, their people-centric culture, and their mission to unite the world through food make them exemplary role models for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the American Dream with Bill and Bob Unanue of Goya Foods. We hope their story continues to inspire and resonate with all of you.

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