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Transforming Accessible Banking at the Global Innovation Challenge

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The second annual Global Innovation Challenge held by Schiller International University has concluded. It brought together students from our four campuses to address a critical real-life challenge: enhancing accessibility to banks for the youth. Through a series of checkpoints, mentorship from industry experts, and the opportunity to present their ideas, these students embarked on a transformative journey.

A Platform for Growth

Schiller has continually provided an empowering platform for students to apply their knowledge and skills in tackling real-world challenges. The Global Innovation Challenge, now in its second edition, exemplifies this commitment. The event fosters collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking by bringing together students from different campuses and backgrounds. The iterative nature of the challenge, divided into three checkpoints, ensures that students develop their ideas while receiving crucial feedback from mentors and industry experts.

Guidance from Mentors and Industry Experts

Throughout the Global Innovation Challenge, students benefited from the guidance of esteemed mentors, including Mario Pestaña EsparzaLuis Mora Garcia, and Ramon Moscoso Westedt. These mentors lent their expertise and provided valuable insights at each stage of the challenge, helping the students refine their ideas and gain a deeper understanding of the banking industry. Moreover, industry expert José Carlos Cuevas from EY listened attentively to the students' work and offered feedback, enriching their perspectives, and enhancing the quality of their proposals. We also want to thank Luis Fernández López for his invaluable coordination efforts.

Group B's Winning Proposal

 Among the exceptional teams, Group B emerged victorious with their comprehensive plan. They focused on revolutionizing the banking experience for the youth by targeting new and existing clients with a user-friendly layout, customized recommendations, educational resources, experiential initiatives, and loyalty programs. Additionally, Group B recognized the importance of employee satisfaction by offering automation of routine tasks, ease of customer data management, and educational opportunities. Their integration of AI technology and strategic collaborations with virtual influencers aimed to engage a younger audience and foster financial literacy from an early age. Group B's innovative approach stood out and earned them well-deserved recognition.

Preparation for the Real World

 The Global Innovation Challenge at Schiller is a microcosm of the challenges students will encounter in their future careers. The event equipped them with practical skills and experiences necessary for success beyond the academic realm. Through mentorship, feedback sessions, and real-world problem-solving, students honed their abilities to identify opportunities, devise effective strategies, and present their ideas professionally. This holistic approach to learning, encompassing both theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensures that Schiller students are well-prepared to navigate the dynamic landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Appreciation and Acknowledgment

 The Global Innovation Challenge's success would not have been possible without the unwavering support of mentors, industry experts, and dedicated organizers. Special recognition is also extended to Alba Luque, the event organizer, for orchestrating this transformative experience for the students. We also want to thank all the other staff and faculty that helped in bringing this amazing event: Amra Askraba, Jeanette Espinal,  Victoria BamondCarmen Gomez and Marta Muñiz

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