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On 17 April 2024, students from various stages of our Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy program in Paris had the unique opportunity to discover Europa Experience, a free and immersive exhibition about the European Union in Paris. This visit, organized by Dr. Myriam Benraad, Global Academic Chair for International Relations and Diplomacy at Schiller, exemplifies our commitment to offering a global perspective and immersive learning experiences. The event highlighted the importance of challenge-based learning, allowing students of our Paris campus, one of our 4 international campuses, to engage with real-world issues and develop practical solutions in a dynamic, multicultural setting.

What is Europa Experience?

Europa Experience is both unusual and fascinating. Students explored augmented reality installations and enjoyed a 360° cinema during their visit. They journeyed to the far reaches of the European Union without ever leaving Paris, offering a true change of scenery and a refreshing expedition!

A real global learning experience

Our International Relations and Diplomacy scholars embarked on personalized journeys, selecting subjects that piqued their interest, countries they wished to explore, and people they wanted to engage with and learn from. The different digital installations provided a unique and enriching learning encounter.Students explored many places at their own pace, choosing the subjects that interest them most, the countries they want to discover, and the people they want to hear from and get to know. The various digital installations allowed them to go on a distinctive learning adventure. Additionally, a role-playing game was available to our students, allowing them to step into the shoes of European Parliament members as they reviewed EU legislation.

This was an exciting and engaging cooperative role-playing opportunity to better understand the political process, which often feels distant and complex.

The Europa Experience offered Paris International Relations and Diplomacy students a remarkable opportunity to delve into the daily lives of EU citizens, comprehend EU policies, and explore its achievements and challenges.

Certainly, a day to remember in their young careers! 

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