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At Schiller International University, we are bold in our approach to education. Our partnership with Harvard Business Publishing is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Teaching with the case method is central to our academic model, placing students directly in real-world scenarios. This method is not just an educational tool; it’s a powerful way to develop critical thinking, self-direction, and higher-order learning abilities through experiential learning.

Experiential Learning: Bridging Theory and Practice

Experiential learning is at the heart of what we do. Moving from theory to real-world scenarios, our students engage in lively debates and apply their course knowledge in meaningful ways. Our International Relations & Diplomacy students at the Paris campus, guided by Dr. Myriam Benraad, embody this approach at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Cultivating Critical Thinking Skills with Harvard Business Publishing Cases

Our students immerse themselves in significant historical negotiations, like Henry Kissinger’s diplomatic triumphs. They delve into the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT I), the establishment of U.S.-China relations, and the Sinai disengagement agreement between Egypt and Israel. These cases aren’t just studies; they are experiential learning experiences that sharpen negotiation, mediation, and dispute resolution skills.

Fostering Higher-Order Learning: A Core Approach at Schiller

We flip the traditional classroom model, focusing on active participation and practical application of course material. Our students don’t just receive knowledge—they engage with it, debate it, and transform it into experiential learning that leads towards professional growth. The final certificate of completion is more than a document; it’s a testament to their journey and achievements.

Applying Real-World Scenarios in International Relations & Diplomacy

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Here’s what our International Relations & Diplomacy students have to say about their experiential learning:

“Harvard Business Publishing’s “In Search of Global Regulation” case was the pinnacle of my education at Schiller. It tied together four years of learning, providing a holistic view of global interactions. Discussions with classmates enriched my understanding and prepared me for my future career.”

“The course and case study were perfect for me. As someone with ADHD, traditional lessons are challenging, but this method made learning engaging and accessible.”

“This was my first Harvard Business Publishing case. Sharing my ideas publicly was a boundless experience. The diversity of perspectives from classmates around the world added a new dimension to the discussion.”

"Brainstorming is one of the most effective ways to push students out of their comfort zones. The “In Search of Global Regulation” case brought varied perspectives, fostering critical thinking, engagement, and confidence. These experiences prepare us for teamwork and presenting ideas in the workforce.

A Future of Boundless Opportunities

At Schiller International University, we believe in learning by living. Our case method and experiential learning approach equip students with the skills and confidence needed to navigate and impact the real world. Join us, and transform your educational journey into an unparalleled experience that prepares you for a future of boundless opportunities.

Embrace the challenge, embrace the world, and shape your destiny with Schiller.

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