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“Schiller broadened my spectrum and put me in a diverse environment”

In this conversation with Manuela Toteva, Schiller alumni Hussain Ayoub reflects on the impact that Schiller's diversity and experiential methodology had on his personal and professional development.  Hussain is a Lebanese national who used to live in Kuwait and decided to study in Germany. He wanted to come to Central Europe which is perfect for travel to any country around by bus and train, easy and affordable. He graduated in International Economics in 2023 at the Campus in Heidelberg. In the last three years he has worked in Heidelberg for a consulting firm and in the future, he is planning to continue his career development in Finance.  

How did you get to Schiller? 

I already had family here in Germany and Schiller was the best choice for me. Moving to Europe wasn't as easy because I had to apply for a visa, which took a while, and then I got culture shock because I was coming from a completely different environment. But you learn from the change and start appreciating the differences in people. You begin to learn from people around you, and you share your experiences. And that's what makes it friendly. 

How did Schiller impact your career?  

Schiller broadened my spectrum and put me in a diverse environment I wasn't in before. 

Which professors have the greatest impact on you?  

All of them have been great, but the ones that impacted me and broadened my thoughts and experiences were Prof. Bleifuss and Prof. Hieke They taught not only classroom lessons but actual life lessons. I am grateful because of that.

What is your favorite experience as a Schiller student?  

As a Schiller student, together with the education, living so close to campus was of great benefit. After class we can all go out and have coffee, lunch, or dinner together.  

How did you find your job as a Schiller student?  

I have received some very helpful tips from my friends, colleagues, and mostly from Mrs. Tiffany, the student advisor on our Campus. She gave me directions on how to update my CV and to approach future employers. Finally, I found my consulting firm job applying online. My advice to other students is that you must apply to as many jobs as possible because if you, as people say, “just put all your eggs in one basket”, you're probably not finding the right job.  

Do you want to highlight something specific on the Campus, like something that you will remember from your experience here? 

Together with the knowledge and acquired skills, I will remember my social life, my friends and all the great parties. That was maybe the most memorable for me, the connections and network I built here. This is something which even as you grow older, you'll never forget. The laughs you had in class, outside, and in the beautiful city of Heidelberg.

Did you go to any of the other campuses? 

No, I did not have the opportunity because when I came here, Covid-19 started, and everything was closed. And by the time we got out of the pandemic, I was almost graduating. But if the situation was different, I would go to Madrid and the Paris Campus.  

Are you planning to continue working in Germany, or are you planning to go back to your home country? 

I am planning to stay here for the next 1-2 years; I want to work here and build up some experience. In the future, I plan on traveling the world and especially going to New York.  

Why would you recommend studying at Schiller? 

First, because the classes are calm and manageable, and you can talk to your teacher at the end of the lesson, you can ask questions. So, it's different from other universities where you have a question, you cannot ask for clarification. The lecturers come from different parts of the world, and they bring this experience with them. So, you learn from people or mentors from all over the world. Schiller is a place where you feel belonging to a big and strong community. You help each other, whether looking for a house, renting, or moving out after the end of your studies.

What tip would you want to give to future students? 

My tip is always to strive to improve yourself. While the situation may look wrong at a certain point, as the pandemic occurred unexpectedly for all of us and you feel mentally and financially very low, you must understand that you grow from this experience. Never say “I can't do this”, or “I don't want to do this anymore, it is too hard”. You should always push yourself in a higher position with positive thinking “I can do this” and “I will do this”. And this is how you succeed and build an excellent future path for your life and career. 

Interview by Heidelberg Marketing & Communications.  

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