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Alumni Spotlight: Allan Arciniegas

Allan Arciniegas graduated in 2022 from Schiller in Heidelberg with a bachelor’s degree in international business. He is currently working for KPMG Germany as a financial services expert and defines himself as an entrepreneurial person. He is also working as a digital consultant on a few international projects. Allan speaks English, Spanish, and German.

How did you get to Schiller?

I arrived at Schiller University through a series of interesting events. Initially, I was living in Maryland, working as a solar salesperson in Washington, DC, where I sold solar panels for the US market. Although I was content with my job and earning good money, I felt a strong desire for change in my life, and the idea of pursuing further studies always appealed to me.

The turning point came when my mother informed me that she was moving from Spain to Germany. This became a golden opportunity for me to embrace a new chapter in my life. I decided to move to Germany and start fresh. However, one significant obstacle was the language barrier, as I needed to learn German to integrate into the new environment effectively.

I enrolled in one of the integration schools in Germany, where I dedicated myself to learning the language from scratch. It was a challenging but rewarding experience. As I became more proficient in German, I began my search for a suitable university to pursue my studies.

One day, I came across Schiller University, and it seemed like a perfect fit for me. I was particularly excited to discover that they had campuses in multiple locations, including one in Tampa, where my dad lived. This fact alone made the decision clear in my mind because it meant that if I ever wanted to go back to the States, I would have a university just 45 minutes away from my dad's place. Additionally, Schiller's campuses in Madrid and Heidelberg offered diverse options, making it an ideal choice for my educational journey.

So, thanks to a blend of personal circumstances, curiosity for learning, and the convenience of Schiller's campuses, I made the decision to join the university and embark on an exciting academic adventure. 

How was your experience at the Heidelberg Campus?

My experience at the Heidelberg Campus of Schiller University was truly amazing. The diverse community of students from around the world made it an enriching environment. Learning from different perspectives humbled me and taught me the value of empathy. Embracing a globalized world became second nature, and it positively influenced both my academic journey and personal growth. 

Did you have the chance to visit other campuses during your studies?

Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to visit other campuses due to the Covid pandemic. Nevertheless, I found the Heidelberg campus to be exceptional. Its diverse and relaxed atmosphere, along with its caring and professional professors, made it a truly enriching experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

What was your favorite experience as a student here? 

My favorite experience as a student at Schiller was the unique learning approach the university offered. Unlike the traditional format of taking multiple classes per semester, Schiller's program allowed us to focus on one intensive monthly class. This approach had a profound impact on my learning experience.

By concentrating all my efforts on a single subject each month, I found myself truly absorbing the knowledge and enjoying the learning process. This was in stark contrast to the overwhelming feeling that can arise when juggling multiple classes simultaneously. Schiller's approach enabled me to delve deeper into the material, grasp concepts more effectively, and retain the knowledge with greater clarity.

I believe this focused learning style at Schiller contributed significantly to my academic growth, as I could immerse myself fully in each subject. It was a refreshing and rewarding experience that made my time at the university even more fulfilling. 

Are there any of the professors that had a specific impact on you or anyone you want to highlight?

Several professors at Schiller University significantly impacted me and played a crucial role in my personal and academic development. Mrs. Roselle stands out as an exceptional instructor who provided essential tools for success in fields like international business and political science. Her classes focused on effective communication; a skill vital for any aspiring professional in these areas.

Dr. Writes was another remarkable professor, particularly in accounting classes. He dedicated extensive time to explain fundamental concepts thoroughly. His approach, combined with the knowledge from Mrs. Roselle's classes, allowed us to understand how to balance company finances, providing a comprehensive view of business operations.

Among the many inspiring professors, Dr. Girod held a special place in my heart as one of my favorites. His teaching style and passion for the subject made the learning experience enjoyable and motivating.

How do you feel now as part of the alum community?

Being part of the Schiller alum community has been truly fulfilling. I enjoy staying connected and participating in events organized by the university. I've formed a close-knit group of friends who feel like family, and regardless of distance, our bond remains strong. The entrepreneurial mindset of Schiller alumni fosters collaboration and opens up exciting possibilities for future projects and partnerships.

Why would you recommend Schiller to future students?

I highly recommend Schiller to future students because it offers a refreshing departure from the standard educational system. Unlike traditional universities that focus solely on theoretical learning, Schiller takes a practical approach. The monthly intensive classes taught by professors with real-world experience and expertise in their respective fields provide invaluable knowledge and tools for success.

Studying at Schiller equips students with the skills needed to excel in their chosen professions. The university's emphasis on practical learning and its strong connections to businesses and top companies create excellent opportunities for internships and career advancement. For those seeking to broaden their horizons and explore new possibilities, Schiller opens doors to exciting opportunities, especially for students coming from countries with limited prospects. Engaging with the vibrant community and working hard can lead to transformative experiences, making it a decision I am personally grateful for having made. 

Is there anything else you want to add? 

In our modern world, social media and the Internet offer endless possibilities for those seeking their life path. Many students may feel lost about their career choices, but adopting an entrepreneurial mindset is crucial. Schiller University equips students with practical skills and knowledge to pursue unconventional paths, whether in photography, entrepreneurship, or any passion. Embrace the opportunities that await, use the tools provided by Schiller, and venture into uncharted territories to create a fulfilling life journey filled with possibilities for success. 

Interview by Heidelberg Marketing & Communications.

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