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Achieving Excellence: Schiller International University Awarded School of Distinction by ACCSC

Schiller International University's Madrid Campus has been selected for the School of Distinction Award by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

ACCSC only awards the title School of Distinction to an institution in conjunction with a school’s initial or renewal of accreditation review, which occurred in the first half of 2023 for Schiller International University. This recognition highlights the institution's commitment to academic excellence and its dedication to fostering an exceptional learning environment.                                                                                         

The ACCSC's School of Distinction Award acknowledges Schiller International University's Madrid campus “commitment to the expectations and rigors of accreditation as well as a commitment to deliver quality educational programs”, as stated by ACCSC’s Executive Director, Michael McComis.

The achievement is the result of collaborative contributions from all of Schiller's faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The implementation of our academic model, the faculty's innovative teaching methods, the staff's diligent support, the students' engagement, and the potential of the alumni network have all played a part in securing this accolade. “This is the best example of teamwork, and this recognition is the result of the extraordinary talent we have throughout Schiller International University, working towards the common goal of achieving excellence in education, of turning our vision into reality”, said Marta Muñiz, CEO and President of Schiller International University, when sharing this award with staff and faculty at a meeting recently.

She added: “More than an accolade, the School of Distinction Award reinforces Schiller International University's mission to equip students with the skills they need to excel in today's global and interconnected landscape. This recognition attests to the quality of education provided by the university and its positive impact on students' lives.”

As the university celebrates this significant recognition, it signals not an endpoint but a milestone toward further progress. Schiller International University remains dedicated to its mission of pushing boundaries, inspiring growth, and nurturing future leaders. This award serves as a reminder that every member of the Schiller community plays an integral role in the institution's ongoing journey.

In the midst of this achievement, it's not just an award being acknowledged, but a commitment to distinction that's being embraced. The Schiller International University community can take pride in this accomplishment, and the future holds the promise of even more noteworthy milestones and successes.

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