Schiller History

Schiller International University

From the beginning, our goal has been to turn education into a personal and professional transformation process, providing the highest academic standards and holistic global experiential learning. Providing an experience beyond just education.

Our Milestones

  • 1964
    Foundation of the University

    Dr. Walter Leibrecht established the first campus in Kleiningersheim (Germany), allowing international students to practice American studies immersed in European culture.

  • 1967
    European Expansion

    We opened the Madrid and Paris international campuses, allowing students to learn navigating across the three locations, and explore different international cultures. This unique opportunity provided for an increased global experience for our first brave students and is still available today. 

  • 1969
    Technological Vision

    Step by step, we continued perfecting our formula. We moved our international campus in Germany to Heidelberg, allowing our students to be in direct contact with one of the largest tech and research hubs in Europe.

  • 1983
    First US Accreditation

    We received US accreditation as a private University, validating our educational excellence both in the US and abroad.

  • 1991
    Worldwide Presence

    We opened our International Campus in Tampa, Florida, increasing the global mindset of our students and providing additional experiences across further landscapes. 

  • 2014
    Dual Accreditation (University of Roehampton)

    We established an agreement with the University of Roehampton (London, UK), providing students with the possibility of adding a European degree.

  • 2016
    International Recognitions

    In 2016, we became the first American university to receive German programmatic accreditation through Evalag, once again confirming that we never stop pursuing validation of our high quality standards.

  • 2020
    Schiller Transformation

    Schiller is acquired by a group of private international investors with a global mindset that are committed to long-term quality and innovation in Higher Education.  

  • 2021
    Tech, Digital, and Sustainability Focus

    We incorporate new programs in potential market areas with focuses in digital, technology, and sustainability.  We partner with industry giants including IBM and the United Nations (UNITAR). 

  • 2022
    Schiller International University

    The University begins a new era of Global transformative education to develop world smart citizens. Dare to transform.

  • 2023
    ACCSC Accreditation* obtained

    Our USA accrediation status is further established as the University becomes Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

Four International Campuses

We are a unique university that allows you to obtain Accredited* dual degrees (US and European) by living in up to four different countries.


It is difficult not to see the beauty in this city. Located on Florida’s spectacular west coast, Tampa is considered one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the US. Its area is a recognized American hub for entrepreneurship, full of young professionals. Thanks to its semi-tropical weather, exceptional beaches, and cultural offerings, Tampa has a thriving tourism industry and a wide range of career opportunities in multiple fields.  

  • The 4th largest economy in the United States
  • A tourist destination with close to 100M visitors
  • Networking and US placement opportunities

Learn about the Tampa Campus

Madrid american university campus

Madrid, the capital of Spain and one of the most important hubs for international business and commerce in Europe. A unique mixture of culture, art, history, nature, and a social life that attracts investment and talent from all over the world. Its diversity and inclusion, 300 sunny days per year, and countless parks make Madrid a vibrant metropolis. A good place to build memories through life changing experiences.

  • The perfect union of international business, culture, leisure, and diversity.
  • The opportunity to become proficient in the world's second most-spoken language.
  • A direct gateway to Latin American trade.

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American University in Paris

Paris, the capital of France and the sixth-largest world economy, is also waiting for you to come and develop your skills. Paris means an outstanding opportunity for career development, where the entertainment scene, architecture, and art are invaluable. Make your experiences there worthy of the walls of the Louvre.

  • International Hub for business, entrepreneurship, and Int. Relations
  • City of opportunities, influence, and attractiveness
  • Rich cultural life, unique lifestyle, and incomparable beauty.

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You may not have thought about it, but Heildelberg is a high-tech international hub, surrounded by forested mountains and the Rhine Plain. Considered as the first port of call for research, it is unsurprising that 56 Nobel Prizes have had ties to Heidelberg. Maybe it’s time to add another one.

  • International hub for high-tech industries and scientific research
  • Superb environment with students from all around the world
  • The opportunity to step into the past and shape the future.

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