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It's a fact: skills in mathematics and computer science are in higher demand than ever before. And this demand will continue to grow.  

Why? From artificial intelligence to data analysis, organizations across all sectors rely on experts in computational and applied mathematics to solve complex problems and make informed decisions. If you are passionate about mathematics and aspire to apply it in the real world, you will want to learn more about the Bachelor's degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics.

The importance of mathematics in both higher education and the workforce has been steadily growing in recent years. An article published in El País highlights that mathematics has become the degree with the highest grades and guaranteed employment prospects. With its broad scope and applicability in various fields, studying mathematics provides a solid foundation of knowledge and highly valued skills in the job market. In this context, the Bachelor's degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics emerges as an exceedingly appealing option. 

Benefits of pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics:

  • High job demand: In the digital and technological era, the demand for professionals is high and continues to grow. This degree presents promising employment prospects and opportunities for professional development.
  • Diverse career opportunities: This degree can open doors to a wide range of professional opportunities. You can work in industries such as technology, finance, consulting, scientific research, healthcare, energy, among others, and pursue various positions.
  • Competitive salaries: This is an opportunity to enjoy competitive salaries. Due to the demand and importance of computational and applied mathematics skills in the job market, many companies are willing to offer attractive compensation packages to attract and retain professionals in this field.
  • Applicability in various sectors: Computational and applied mathematics skills are highly transferable and applicable in different sectors and disciplines. This gives you the flexibility to explore different industries and follow your specific interests.
  • Development of key skills: This program develops a range of key skills that are highly sought after in the job market. From analytical thinking, problem-solving, abstraction and modeling, programming, data management and analysis, technical communication, to teamwork, all of this will provide you with a solid foundation for professional development throughout your career.
  • Contribution to society: By applying your knowledge to solve real-world problems, you can contribute to scientific advancement, informed decision-making, process optimization, and the development of innovative solutions that improve people's quality of life.

What job opportunities await after a Bachelor's degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics? 

You will have a wide range of career options. Some of the professional areas you can work in include:

  • Data analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Software developer
  • Researcher
  • Data analysis consultant
  • Optimization engineer
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning specialist
  • Educator or Instructor

Reasons to study at Schiller International University:

Your learning process with us in the Bachelor's degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics program involves:

Your learning process in the Master of Science in Sustainability program involves: 

  • Based on real challenges: We firmly believe that the best way to learn is by directly engaging with real companies and their real challenges. We have partners who will accompany you on this journey.
  • Focused and flexible: you can choose your path based on your goals and interests.  The program has 15 courses to be completed over a span of 15 months, meaning one course per month. What's more, you can choose when and where to start, depending on your interests.
  • Global perspective: Study at any of our international campuses. Choose between Madrid or Paris and enjoy a unique study abroad experience.
  • Focused on your futurewe prioritize your professional growth and development, and we take that commitment very seriously. Right from the beginning, you will have the opportunity to learn directly from leading companies and expert teachers, gaining insights into real-world issues happening in the field.

So, if you're ready to turn your passion for mathematics into a challenging and rewarding career, where your thirst for knowledge and love for problem-solving come together in a symphony of success, a Bachelor's degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics awaits you with open arms. Get ready to make your mark in the world with your unique skills and be part of the Tech&Data world!

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