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Interested in the Global Trade and Finance Master's degree? Keep reading to find out how studying at Schiller International University can help you shine as a professional in your future career.

At Schiller, we’re constantly innovating to offer our students the highest quality of education possible with the aim of giving our students the best educational resources and transforming them into highly competitive professionals and leaders in a global market

Our MSc in Global Trade and Finance is an interdisciplinary program that broadens your perspective on business and dives deeper into the commercial, entrepreneurial and digital world. Here, you’ll learn about marketing, company internationalization, e-commerce, business strategies, accounting, leadership, international politics, and marketing research. You will learn everything you need to know to be able to manage international business in an ever-changing digital and globalized world. 

This program focuses on economics, data analysis, innovation, and technology, which will make you a leader capable of facing business challenges with a global perspective. 

The MSc in Global Trade and Finance is for you if: 

  • You want to develop international sales and commerce processes
  • You’re interested in generating international business 
  • You’re interested in international politics 
  • You want to operate in specific markets and in the digital world

4 Reasons to earn your MSc in Global Trade and Finance

  • To Develop a Global Finance Mindset: Apply principles and processes of export sales and face major business challenges with the skills to negotiate in multicultural scenarios. You will have a global vision for focusing on solving financial problems.
  • Develop business skills and drive business growth: Become an expert in international trade and strategic negotiation thinking.
  • Acquire a more versatile professional profile: Learn about marketing, management, politics, economics, finance, law, accounting, etc... all from an international perspective.
  • Become an expert business solver: You will be able to face international trade challenges with all the skills to solve complex problems of a global scale.

Why study for a Master in Global Trade and Finance at Schiller International University? 

At Schiller International University, we are revolutionizing this system and taking it one step further by making your Master in Global Trade and Finance a Real Global Learning Experience.

Here's what we're talking about: 

  • Four international campuses: Study your Master's in up to four different countries (USA, Spain, France, Germany), get to know their markets from the inside, understand globality, and international assignments and expand your networks around the world. You will be able to study around the world, see it with your eyes and boost your global mindset to the fullest.
  • Experiential learning: Our entire educational system is based on real challenges with real companies. We know that the only effective way to learn how today's business world works is to do it hand in hand with experts, learning some of the tools most demanded by the current management market, such as SAP management software and using from day one innovative methodologies (such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, or Agile) like the ones used every day in the business market.
  • Personalized path: Different dates to start your Master Degree, one course per month, and a team of career advisors ready to support you throughout your university journey so you can tailor your experience to become the best version of yourself. You can discover, design, and develop the professional profile that best suits your goals. And again the enormous competitive advantage that comes with standing out from the crowd.
  • Global employability orientedPostgraduate education should mean higher preparation focusing on career skills and connecting with global career opportunities. With our Master in Science in Global Trade and Finance degree, you will not only acquire the most solid fundamentals, and improve your soft skills, but will also connect with companies to help you enhance your career path: immersive weeks, real challenges, and other activities that will not only bring you closer to companies but will enhance your acquire all the tools and career skills most in demand in today's market.

You will be a Global Trade and Finance professional even before you have finished your Master’s degree. Get ready to lead international trade, relations and politics, and capable of coming up with valuable solutions to a hiper-globalized business problems on your own and make your dream career a reality.

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