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One of the key elements that characterizes and differentiates our university is its learning methodology. At Schiller International University we know there’s no substitute for experience when it comes to learning, and we believe that real-world experience is as important for learning as the knowledge itself.  

That's why we provide 100% experiential, hands-on, challenge-based learning.  

What is challenge-based learning?

In a broad sense, challenge-based learning is "a pedagogical approach that actively involves the student in a real, relevant and environmentally related problem, which implies defining a challenge and implementing a solution," according to the Edu Trends report, "Challenge-based learning." And it responds to the enormous challenge facing university education today, as students often finish their studies without having the necessary tools to grow in their field of work. 

At Schiller International University, we wanted to take that concept a step further, to base our entire learning methodology on real actions with leading companies from all over the world It is unthinkable for us for you to graduate feeling lost. With us, your student profile is transformed into that of a professional even before you finish your bachelor's or master's degree. 

How does challenge-based learning work? 

At Schiller International University, we know that lived experiences are what makes all the difference. That's why we've taken our educational model a step further from traditional approaches, to make you connect in a real way with the professional world and take on projects similar to those you'll face in the future.

Learn through experience, apply your knowledge to the real world and handle situations that very few can understand.

Learn through real-world challenges with Schiller International University 

  • Do entirely hands-on programs. Our programs are designed so that, in addition to acquiring solid fundamental skills, you are in touch with real-world business practices all the time, working hand in hand with experts from around the world, and developing your career skills.
  • Experience 360º training for your global mindset. Get out of the classroom to understand how companies work. Face challenges like the ones they manage daily and be able to offer effective and innovative solutions, applying your knowledge as an intelligent, truly global professional.
  • Learn some of the most innovative methodologies in the current business market and put them into practice, such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup or Agile methodologies.
  • Develop the most in-demand professional skills according to the World Economic Forum, such as innovation, creativity, and interpersonal, digital, and business skills.
  • Have unique experiences, complementing your studies by participating in international immersion week activities in leading international institutions, participating in boot camps, or doing simulations with leading companies.

Be in direct contact with leading companies around the world

Our mission is to provide hands-on learning that ensures the highest academic standards. And, for this, we work with some leading companies in different sectors and strategic agreements with institutions such as Harvard Business Publishing that allow us to incorporate their educational resources into our programs. As well as Telanto, a platform that connects companies with universities.

Thus, we have developed a series of global challenges that encourage our students to solve real challenges proposed by different companies, while developing professional skills to connect with the global market, and grow as smart global professionals.

  • Global Smart Challenge: with it, and by working in groups, you will have one month to solve a powerful challenge launched by an international company. Just as if you were another member of their team.
  • Global Innovation Challenge: here you will have three months to solve a real situation with a top company, in a unique intercampus experience, in which you will work hand in hand with students from all the university campuses.

Witnessing the world is fine, but taking sides is what will make you stand out.

Why did we choose challenge-based learning? 

Because we don't want our students to go through university as if it were a mere formality, we want them to have unique experiences, understand how the world works, feel motivated and eager, and shine as smart global professionals.

And because we know that the decisions they make now will determine the rest of their future.

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