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"The only constant in life is change". Heraclitus said this over 2,500 years ago, and today, given the dizzying pace at which society, technology, digitalization, and innovation are advancing, this statement remains a resounding truth. A reality that implies the emergence of constant challenges (economic, cultural, political, or environmental) that we must be able to face as a society, and be able to adapt to them. 

Education is the fundamental instrument to achieve this because it will be the new generations who will have to lead a globalized, digital, and a rapidly changing future. However, is the education system preparing them for the future of work? Only 54% of young people think so. And employers, for their part, think no differently, often finding that new employees do not have the skills needed to perform their job. This is stated in the report "Gen Z is poised to reframe the future, but are business and education ready?".

A new era needs a new kind of education. That's why at Schiller International University, we are changing the rules of the game to make students the engine of education, adapting to their needs and customizing our programs to the changes in the world. 

We Are Changing Education, so You Can Change the World

Education is the key to ensuring that new generations are prepared to build their future, transforming the world and the reality that surrounds them. That is why, at Schiller International University, we have been changing education to inspire our students to be global citizens, to be the ones who lead and change the world we live in. We provide an experiential education, designed to meet the needs (current and future) of the new generations.

To achieve this, we try to enhance some of the most important social, multicultural, or leadership skills to develop a truly global mindset. We give all the necessary tools to grow as professionals and we offer them the opportunity to live and learn about different global markets guaranteeing them all the key elements to lead their future, and to have the tools to ensure they are prepared for the potential challenges of tomorrow.

In a Diverse World, Education Has to Be Global and Multidisciplinary

  • Diversity and inclusion are, nowadays, two of the values that are most appreciated by companies worldwide. Professionals who have a global vision of the world and understand how it works from different perspectives, acquire a direct passport to work in any kind of leading company. Multicultural, international and open education is the way to achieve this.
  • Soft skills development.  There must be a balance between academic excellence and the development of interpersonal skills (the so-called soft skills), closely linked to the social and emotional sphere. These will help them lead and be part of a team, be independent, be more creative, think critically or solve problems effectively. In other words, to be prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow.
  • Preparing them to be their best version, giving them the tools, strategies, and, of course, the support they need to be able to discover what their ideal professional path is and go for it with enough security, confidence and ambition to achieve it.
  • A personalized and multidisciplinary path is vital to develop the maximum potential and excel in any area of activity. Therefore, education must be flexible and adapted to the individual needs of each student, who is the main protagonist of his or her learning experience. Choosing formats and itineraries and allowing them to develop their personality and pursue their professional dreams.
  • The connection with reality must be the number one pillar on which educational programs are built. This can range from real challenges with companies or direct work with professionals from different industries to immersive weeks with leading organizations. Learning-by-living experiences that allow you to apply the acquired knowledge to the real world is the only effective way to learn. The new generations have no doubts, as almost 60% opt for learning opportunities focused on real-life work as the best way to improve the education system.

Are you ready? Together we change education. 

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