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Master of Science in Data Analytics

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Master data analytics

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15 months


45 American credits


Paris, Tampa and Madrid



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The Future Is Now: Building a Tech & Data Profile

Master of Science in Data Analytics

The Master’s Degree in Data Analytics is an interdisciplinary program that brings the business and technical worlds together, preparing individuals to apply data science for gaining knowledge that will help identify and predict trends, make decisions based on large amounts of data, as well as manage systems and databases. This degree program includes learning databases, programming, machine learning, inference and optimization, statistics, quantification, and visual analytics. 

With our Master’s in Data Analytics, you will learn how to apply data science in order to gain knowledge to help identify and predict trends, make decisions based on large amounts of data, and manage systems and databases.

As Schiller students, they will also acquire intercultural speaking and effective multicultural communication skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and leadership and global citizenship to lead the change towards an ethical and sustainable world.

Operations Research Analysts Job Outlook 2020-2030*

  • +25% Expected Market Growth
  • 130K Projected Employment
  • Career Areas: Government, Manufacturing, Management of Companies and Enterprises, Finance and Insurance, Professional.

* US Market. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Graduates of this Master’s Degree in Data Analytics will be able to:

  • Learn to program Artificial Intelligence models that help companies predict the results of marketing campaigns, find out which potential customers have a high probability of abandonment, etc.
  • Practice creating Machine Learning models such as those used by Netflix, Amazon, or Google to make succesful proposals to potential clients based on their consumer profile and internet browsing, photos and texts that they upload to social networks, etc.
  • Learn to create Artificial Intelligence models that learn from data, like Tesla's autonomous cars, Alexa, or Siri do.
  • Practice with Power BI or Tableau, creating dashboard with updated KPIs.

100% Global Experience: 

  • Challenge-based Learning: Collaborative challenges with real organizations.
  • Project-based Learning: Real-world and personally meaningful projects.
  • Digital Simulation: Professional environment recreations.
  • Case Study Method: Transdisciplinary learning applied to real-life contexts.
  • Collaborative Learning: Cooperative work towards achieving social goals.
  • Personalized Library: Over 550,000 books, multimedia, and serials in digital and physical formats.
  • International Faculty: Referred professionals that share updated knowledge and challenge students with real cases.
  • Learning Partners: Business partners and organizations to expand community engagement and networking.
  • Personal Advisors: Trusted advocates to support you from day one in reaching your goals.
  • Diverse Community: A multicultural and inclusive community with more than 100 nationalities.

Discover our Hybrid Format

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    Online Format (100% synchronous)

    Study from wherever you want and at your own pace. You will learn through flipped classroom methodology, have tech & development tools, and have personal advising from day one.

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    On Campus Activities (Madrid or Paris Campus)

    The optional extra-activities on Campus will develop practical cases of real companies in sectors such as Banking, Automotive, Fashion, Medical, Mobile Telephony, etc.

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Griffin Hill

My time at Schiller has allowed me to live in different countries. Studying international topics in a practical learning environment is something you can't achieve at other universities.


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My experience has been great. After working for a few years, I realized how up to date this learning system is. Also, the skills I acquired have helped me achieve professional growth.

natalia malvar schiller student

Natalia Malvar

My experience at SIU has been extraordinary and incredibly rewarding both at an academic and intellectual level, and at a personal growth level.


Steven Gatewood

I have truly enjoyed my experience at Schiller! As an online student, I always felt the sense of community. The staff and entire faculty are very helpful.

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Adina Laura Achim

SIU shaped my character and helped me discover my passion. I met a professor who recognized my potential and redirected me to focus on international affairs.

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