Online university degree

Distance Learning

The fact that we currently spend much of our lives online is something we all now accept. At Schiller International University, we make sure that while taking courses online, you get to have a fully global experience.

Why Study at Our Online Campus

Our Distance Learning program provides you with a digital learning format that allows you to study for your Bachelor’s or Master's degree with almost complete freedom. A 100% Experiential Learning program that will allow you to obtain a US- Accredited* degree from wherever you want, at your own pace. Also, if at some point you decide to take the step to live on site and learn by living on one of our 4 international campuses, no problem! We have the same curriculum, so we can transfer your credits in the blink of an eye!

Distance Learning - The New Way Of Understanding Digital Education

How It Works?


  • 70% asynchronous online + 30% synchronous online courses
  • A virtual class per week (90 minutes duration) delivered through our Digital Platform.
    • Flipped classroom methodology: it is also known as the inverted classroom, which is an instructional strategy that offers you a student-centered peer-assisted learning. Through this methodology you have access to the class theory content before the class, dedicating the entire lesson with the professor to practice and solve doubts. The advantage of this methodology is that it fosters student-instructor as well as peer interaction in class.
  • Complementary reading and/or video activities 
  • A weekly Forum for doubts or questions every week


Personal Advising

  • A weekly checkpoint with your Personal Advisor. To keep track of your academic and career development in a personalized way from day 1.


Development Tools

  • Harvard Business Publishing. Thank to our agreement Harvard Business Publishing you will learn and work with extra courses, case study, simulations and practical learning materials that provides you with dynamic and real-life perspectives. It also includes resources and seminars that encourage your critical thinking and prepares you for future managerial decision-making.
  • Game-based learning platform and gamification softwares (Kahoot/Edpuzzle, Mentimeter, etc.). During your entire program, our faculty will work with our technological resources to take your professional performance to the next level.

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