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Bachelor’s Degree in Colorado

Looking to get your Bachelor’s Degree in Colorado? The Global American University, Schiller provides world-class education, diverse programs, and a global perspective!

Explore The Global American University, Schiller’s diverse catalog of bachelor's degrees and take the next step towards your academic goals. Our programs provide you with a unique and comprehensive global perspective that few universities can offer.

Our program is designed to provide you with a personalized learning path that is geared towards global employability. Our degrees are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), and we offer dual degree options to broaden your knowledge and skill set.

At The Global American University, Schiller we believe in experiential learning, and we provide you with practical, hands-on experiences to enhance your education. Our goal is to prepare you for the challenges of the real world and help you succeed in your chosen career path.

Bachelors Programs in Colorado

The programs are taught in English and offer a flexible study schedule that allows students to study at their own pace. It can be completed in 40 months or 4 years, with multiple start dates throughout the year. The program consists of 120 American credits and offers the opportunity to earn a double degree by adding on another major at the end of the program.

The Global American University values the effort put forth by high school students who have studied Advanced Programs or the International Baccalaureate. The university offers a Credit Transfer Review, allowing up to 36 credits of General Education to be transferred and validated.

Graduates of the International Business program will be given the skills necessary to critically analyze and apply foundational principles, theories, and current research in the study of International business. They will also be able to examine situations and solve problems in business settings while incorporating diversity, multicultural perspectives, and ethical approaches to decision-making.

Instructional Delivery

The Global American University, Schiller is an International University that understands that every student has a unique learning style. As a result, the program is delivered in English and focused on international environments. Courses are taught one subject per month, allowing students to concentrate all their efforts on a specific course topic at a time. If a student maintains a good Grade Point Average, they can study more than one subject per month and complete the program in less time. Collaborative projects, case studies, and presentations with professionals from the field are also an essential part of the program.

Scholarship Plan in Colorado

The Global American University, Schiller believes in making education accessible to all. The university offers fourteen different scholarship options (bachelor's and master's degrees) for those who qualify. A new scholarships called the Academic Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship has been launched, covering up to $8,640/€5544 per semester (up to $720.00/€462 per credit hour). Scholarship plans are valid for all intakes (Jan., Feb., May, June, Sep., and Oct.).

University Career in Colorado

If you are looking to study in Colorado, The Global American University, Schiller prepares students for a professional career by combining theory with practice. The program is future-oriented and provides career services and mentoring programs. The faculty is international, bringing a diverse array of professional experience. Students can expect a personalized path based on their goals and needs, as well as trusted advisors to support them from day one in reaching their goals. The community is multicultural and inclusive, with more than 100 nationalities, making The Global American University, Schiller a welcoming and exciting place to study.