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Study Abroad

Are you thinking of studying abroad? You are in the right place! Schiller can be the driving force you need to boost your career.

Study Abroad

The way we learn defines the success we will have in the future. In today's world, the only practical road to success is to choose an educational standard that allows you to explore the world for yourself from within while also strengthening your global mindset.

That is why studying abroad is the best option. With us, you will do it in 4 different countries for a real international experience.

Since you have to choose, do it wisely.

Much More than Studying Abroad

There are many American universities in Europe, but few encourage you to leave the classroom to get to know up to 4 different countries, study and travel while immersing yourself in different international realities, and boost your Global Mindset, learning by living experientially and practically, applying knowledge to the real world, and open up your employability options worldwide.

4 International Campuses

Study in the USA, Spain, France, and Germany, explore our four international campuses and experience a way of learning you won't find anywhere else. At Schiller International University we allow you to easily transfer between our four campuses, living immersed in the reality of each of them and acquiring a truly global mindset, uniquely.

Our campuses are located in:

  • Tampa has one of the largest economies in the US, full of networking opportunities.
  • Madrid is the perfect combination of business, culture, history, leisure, and diversity.
  • Paris is full of global career possibilities, it is the heart of world international relations.
  • Heidelberg is a powerful international high-tech and scientific center.

Get an Accredited* Dual Degree

Undergraduate and Graduate programs in future-oriented fields, such as International Business, Tech, and Data. As a student at Schiller International University, you're already ahead of the game when it comes to building your career. But why stop there? All our degrees are US-accredited and provide you with the possibility of obtaining a complementary European Diploma performing just a single study plan, which gives you the opportunity to achieve an Accredited* Dual Degree.

With an Accredited* Dual Degree (US and European) you will have open doors on a global level with an international career. Our undergraduate and graduate programs give you the depth and breadth of knowledge that is essential in future-oriented areas, to stand out in today's job market.

*Accrediting Commission of Careers Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)

Experiential Learning

Our education model goes beyond the traditional, taking you out of the classroom to experience real challenges, through projects very similar to those you will face in the future.

Learn from worldwide professionals and sharpen your abilities by participating in challenges with actual businesses and organizations.

You’ll work hand in hand with international experts and peers, and develop your abilities so that you can become an expert professional in the global world.

Learn by living, apply your knowledge to the real world, and lead a stage that very few can understand.

Focused Learning

At Schiller International University, we embrace the One-course-per-month methodology, where you dedicate an entire month to a single subject area, allowing for a real focused and personalized learning. This approach ensures that you immerse yourself in each topic, gaining a deep understanding and maximizing your educational experience.

We believe that each student has a unique path to take, and we want to help you find yours. Tailoring your experience to be the best version of yourself! With our personalized and focused approach, you have the freedom to shape your education while experiencing it, ensuring what is the best fit for you.

We provide you with the necessary tools and support to navigate the different areas of study, and our dedicated advisors are available to offer the guidance you need to achieve your goals. So you can create your own global success, and make the best of your life.

Global Employability Oriented

Increase your Global employability and connect with the future that you want. We prepare you to become a Change Leader. From day one you will learn by living from real-life experiences, but you will also work hand-in-hand with your Advisors and Mentors to identify potential career opportunities and prepare your future candidacy to successfully apply for global positions.

In addition, our Industry Partnerships, International Alumni Network, and the opportunity to apply for OPT (if you are studying in the US) will boost your employability all over the world, opening doors to help you become the Smart Global Professional you always desire.

5 Future-Oriented Areas of Study

We have decided to make you stand out in a global world that is constantly changing and that requires professionals who are up to the task. And that is why we only offer you some of the most demanded study options today.

  • Business and Economics

    Gain practical analytical and digital skills to thoroughly prepare yourself for a career in the world of Business and Economics.

    A unique opportunity to experience first-hand the global nature and cultural diversity. As the current marketplace evolves and becomes more complex, many employers are choosing to balance their need to retain good employees with their need to acquire candidates with advanced-level knowledge and skills in managerial positions.

  • International Relations and Diplomacy

    Become a global change agent.

    Learn about foreign affairs and global diplomacy in a totally experiential way, with real challenges in the real world.

    Interdisciplinary programs that combine problem-solving, structural analysis, project development, and management with a comprehensive theoretical and critical examination of the political, cultural, legal, and socioeconomic practices that make up our increasingly interdependent and complex world.

    Think about what you want to be and make it happen with Schiller International University.

  • Tourism and Hospitality

    Looking for a career with a future? Then this area may be the right place for you.

    Lead one of the sectors that will grow the most in the coming years, obtain the knowledge and professional skills necessary to occupy any position in the tourism industry, whether it is to pursue a career in hotel management, operate a hotel, resort and/or restaurant, or direct recreational and leisure activities.

  • Tech & Data

    At the top of the most demanded sectors worldwide, our tech and data programs can be the push you need to become an expert in innovation and acquire the career skills that the future requires.

    Be proficient in various theories, principles, methods and techniques in one of today's leading areas. Open doors to professions such as software development, programming, computer systems design, media applications, data science, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, among others.

    Learn about math and statistics, computer skills, and coding in a global context. And, meanwhile, work on other qualities such as multicultural communication, critical thinking or the ability to solve problems in the global world.

  • Sustainability

    Explore sustainability in all its areas and become the activist you always wanted.

    We are committed to creating and enhancing a positive impact, both social and environmental, through the development of innovative and sustainable initiatives that respond to the challenges that organizations face.

    Our programs cover a variety of fields including Business, Management, Economics and International Relations, bringing knowledge in sustainable development on a global scale.

    Sustainability is the key to a better future. And we are determined to make you a true Agent of Change. Are you ready?

Discover our program of scholarships for bachelor's and master's degrees

At Schiller International University we are focused on helping you meet your goals and that's why we have an extensive international study scholarship program that adjusts to the different needs of each student.

Apply for the scholarship that best suits your situation, get up to a 50% off on your tuition, and don’t let anything stop you from starting the career of your dreams.