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What does it mean when a university is international?

A university is considered "international" when it has a global focus on its education, research, and activities. This implies that the institution has an international perspective and seeks to promote cultural diversity, global collaboration, and knowledge exchange among students and scholars from around the world.

What characteristics distinguish an international university?

International universities typically have the following characteristics:

  • Students and scholars from diverse countries.
  • Study programs that emphasize international perspectives and comparative studies.
  • Collaboration agreements with educational institutions from other countries.
  • Student exchange opportunities and dual-degree programs.
  • Partnership programs with international companies.

At Schiller International University, all programs are designed to enhance your professional profile on an international scale. We offer the Global Employability Path in our 4 international campuses, a differentiating factor for students seeking an international university.

How do students benefit from attending an international university?

  • Students who attend an international university like Schiller International University benefit in several ways:
  • They gain a global perspective and a deeper understanding of different cultures.
  • They develop intercultural skills and a Global Mindset.
  • They have the opportunity to establish international connections and expand their professional network.
  • They enhance their employability in a global job market.
  • They receive a high-quality education with international standards.

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