Is diversity management a beautiful lie?

This lecture will trace the history and contemporary issues of diversity management with empirical studies and debates.


June 02, 2021

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In the last decades, as diversity management rapidly gained its darling status in most HRDs' agenda, many organizations made it an operation by default without a close examination of its true efficacy. Empirical studies have however shown the more than shocking contrast between the promised land in theory and the sterile soil in reality- too many diversity management programs fail, some even backfire. 

Does this suggest that this entire concept is just another sugarcoating instrument? This lecture will trace the history and contemporary issues of diversity management with empirical studies and debates, in the hope of peeling off the fat onion of truth - the onion is tasty, but the peeling might make one's eyes water!


About Xiaoyu Li 

Xiaoyu Li is the adjunct professor and program lead of B.S. in International business at Schiller International University (Paris campus). Xiaoyu has been an active professional and insatiable learner in HR management, business development, quantitative finance and ESG investment across three continents. After selling her consulting firm in 2011, Xiaoyu left the US for France to fully undertake missions of cross-border delegation in workforce management between North America and Europe. Ever since joining Schiller Paris in 2014, Xiaoyu has been a proud and happy Schiller member. Her profound interest in connecting the dots through interdisciplinary approaches has been driving her intellectual quest, while one of her greatest calling in life is to share such quest with her students.