What Is a Master's of Business Administration?

So, what exactly is a Master of Business Administration, commonly known as an MBA? It's more than just a set of initials; it's a transformative degree that can redefine your career trajectory. 

At Schiller International University, we're here to provide you with insights into this prestigious degree, its potential career prospects, and how our Master's of Business Administration can empower your professional journey.


What Is a Master's of Business Administration?

An MBA is a postgraduate degree program designed to equip individuals with advanced knowledge and skills in various aspects of business management. It goes beyond the fundamentals and delves into complex areas such as finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and leadership.


Expectations and Career Prospects with a Master's of Business Administration

Once you earn your Master's of Business Administration, you can expect a wide range of career opportunities and possibilities:

  • Enhanced Leadership: MBAs are known for developing strong leadership skills. You'll be equipped to lead teams and organizations effectively.
  • Increased Earning Potential: Studies consistently show that MBA graduates tend to earn higher salaries compared to those with only undergraduate degrees.
  • Entrepreneurial Endeavors: If you aspire to start your own business, it can provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary for entrepreneurial success.
  • Global Opportunities: In an increasingly globalized world, businesses value professionals with international perspectives and experience. An MBA can open doors to international job opportunities.
  • Career Switching: Many individuals pursue a Master's of Business Administration to switch careers or move into more specialized roles within their current field.
  • Networking: Our programs often provide excellent networking opportunities, connecting you with professionals and experts in various industries.

What You'll Learn in our Master's of Business Administration


At Schiller International University, our Master's of Business Administration program is designed to take your professional journey to the next level:

  • Innovative Learning: Our program embraces innovative, multidisciplinary tools and methodologies. You'll develop skills like Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile project management to stay competitive in the dynamic business world.
  • Career-Focused Skills: We focus on developing a comprehensive skill set that includes leadership, adaptability, public speaking, and teamwork – skills that are highly sought after by employers.
  • Multicampus Experiences: Learning by living at our 4 international campuses is an advantage for your professional profile. Immersing yourself in multiple international realities will enhance your global mindset and motivate you to expand your network of contacts. And get the advantage of achieving an accredited* dual degree (*ACCSC) recognized in both Europe and the USA.
  • Collaborative Tools: Stay ahead with essential tools like Customer Journey Mapping, Empathy Mapping, Stakeholder Analysis, and the Business Model Canvas, which you can apply to your daily work.
  • Expert Mentorship: Our mentoring services connect you with industry professionals who can help you refine your ideas and develop strategic business plans.
  • Specialized Certifications: Complement your Master's of Business Administration with certifications in entrepreneurship and gain expertise in tools such as AWS, SAP, SAS, and more, boosting your global profile.

So… It is pretty crear that a Master's of Business Administration could be a one-way ticket to a world of career possibilities. It enhances your leadership skills, increases earning potential, and opens doors to global opportunities. A

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