University at Tampa, Florida

Looking for an education that transcends traditional boundaries to offer you something else beyond? Schiller International University at Tampa, Florida, could be your gateway to an educational experience that redefines the way you learn: an American institution with a presence in both the United States and Europe fosters experiential learning and cultivates a global mindset, empowering you to become the accomplished professional you aspire to be.


So, if you're in pursuit of an environment that breaks free from conventional boundaries and fosters a dynamic, forward-thinking education, you've arrived at the perfect destination. 

Here's why Schiller could be the right choice for your higher education:

Why Study in Tampa, Florida? 

Tampa is a city known for its rich cultural diversity, vibrant arts scene, and exceptional culinary offerings. Your time in Tampa will be a unique blend of cultures, traditions, and experiences, making it both exciting and enriching.

Furthermore, Tampa boasts a thriving business community, providing abundant opportunities for internships and hands-on experiences. At Schiller our students don't just acquire theoretical knowledge; they apply it in real-world settings. This approach sets our graduates apart in the competitive job market, making Tampa an excellent location for your academic journey.

Why Schiller International University at Tampa, Florida? 


  • Learning by Living: We're strong proponents of learning by living. It's not just about attending classes; it's about immersing yourself in an interactive educational experience. Tampa provides the perfect setting for this approach. The city's vibrant culture, thriving economy, and proximity to stunning beaches create an enriching environment where you can apply classroom knowledge to real-life scenarios.
  • Accredited* Dual Degrees: Our commitment to academic excellence knows no bounds. Schiller University offers accredited* dual degrees (*ACCSC) that hold significance both in the United States and Europe. This accreditation guarantees that your education meets rigorous global standards. Whether you're pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree, you'll receive a comprehensive and globally respected education at Schiller.
  • International Perspectives: Extends beyond Tampa's boundaries. With campuses in Madrid, Paris, and Heidelberg, we stand as a genuinely international institution. Studying in Tampa means you're part of a global network of students and faculty, enriching your educational journey with diverse perspectives and cultures. In today's interconnected world, this international exposure is a significant advantage.
  • Global Network: Schiller boasts an extensive global network that offers unmatched opportunities for challenges, networking, internships, and collaborations. You'll connect with students and professionals from around the world, broadening your horizons and potential.
  • Personalized Support: Our dedicated academic advisors are here to guide you throughout your journey. From selecting the right courses to charting your career path, we provide personalized support to ensure your success.


Choose Schiller International University at Tampa, Florida 

Your educational odyssey commences at Schiller University at Tampa, Florida, a place where learning is a dynamic and immersive voyage. 


Uncover a world of opportunities awaiting you here and embark on a transformative educational expedition that will shape your future. 

Enroll with Schiller and unlock your full global potential in the heart of Tampa.