Tampa, FL, Universities

Tampa, FL, Universities, and the United States, in general, are renowned destinations for world-class education systems and diverse cultures. However, we believe that merely settling for the status quo isn't enough. If we want to reach the top, we must bet on more. And that's where Schiller International University steps in to offer you an authentically international experience. 

With us, you don't just receive the high standards of American education; you also have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the American and European dream. Yes, both at the same time. We take this one step further by providing a genuinely global education that's 100% international. Because we believe that your learning journey should be more than just attending classes; it should be a transformative experience.


Why Study at Schiller International University in Tampa?


At Schiller, we don't just offer education; we provide an international experience that transcends borders. Here's why Schiller stands out:

  • Global Excellence: Our commitment to delivering a quality American education is unwavering. We offer accredited* dual degrees (*ACCSC), recognized and respected worldwide. With Schiller, you're not just learning; you're receiving a global education.
  • International Campuses: While our roots are American, our branches extend across Europe. Schiller's international campuses in Madrid, Paris, and Heidelberg open doors to a truly global perspective, enriching your education and expanding your horizons.
  • Learning by Living: Schiller's experiential learning approach means you're not confined to a classroom. You'll engage in hands-on, practical learning that equips you with real-world skills, setting you up for career success.
  • Employability Focus: We have a relentless focus on employability. Our programs are meticulously designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and practical experiences that employers demand. We understand that a degree is a valuable asset, but it's your employability that truly matters and ensures you're job-ready.
  • Networking: Schiller boasts an extensive global network that offers unparalleled opportunities for challenges, networking, internships, and collaborations. You'll connect with students and professionals from around the world, broadening your horizons and unleashing your potential.
  • Personalized Guidance: Our dedicated academic advisors are here to support you throughout your educational journey. From assisting in course selection to helping you define your career path, we provide personalized guidance to ensure your success.

What's So Special About Tampa, FL, Universities?


Tampa's allure lies in its cultural diversity and thriving business community. Here, you'll encounter a fusion of cultures, traditions, and experiences that make your education both exciting and fulfilling. Tampa's bustling business scene provides numerous opportunities for internships and real-world learning experiences. 

In our Tampa Campus, Schiller students don't just learn theory; they apply it in an environment that could not be more conducive to it, gaining a real competitive edge in the job market.

Stay Where Education Meets the Global Excellence


At Schiller International University, we have a singular mission: to empower you to become the best version of yourself. Tampa, Florida, with its vibrant culture and thriving business environment, is the perfect backdrop for this transformative journey. We don't just offer education; we offer a pathway to global excellence. 


Choose Schiller, and let us help you achieve greatness.